Terrible Customer Service from Dexcom Sales


Libre doesn’t really compete with Dexcom for those of us who want it to proactively alert for lows etc. It’s clearly useful for many people, but it’s missing very key functionality of Dexcom’s CGM that prevents it from being a direct competitor IMO.

Medtronics has their system, but at least when I looked at it a few years back, it made no sense to go with it if not also using their pump, so not really a full competitor for anyone on MDI or other pumps.

I’ll have to look into Senseonics.


I would not consider these options as competition. Abbott Freestyle Libre is not accurate in my experience to Dexcom G5/G6. Also it requires action on the user to get the reading versus how Dexcom continuously works in the background. Also, I am not aware of anyone using the Medtronic sensor without using the pump as the readings go to the pump. And I have only heard that it is also has sub accuracy to Dexcom. As for Senseonics, this is a completely different solution is much more invasive that I don’t think I would ever consider it myself.


Thank you so much for the pointer!


I have been ordering from Dexcom direct since 2006, primarily because I have Type 1 Diabetes and hypoglycemia unawareness to go along with it. So I need the Dexcom system to keep me balanced and to see my patterns in blood sugar readings. Each year ordering from them has gotten worse and worse. Before refilling a sensor order took about 10 days, and now over a month. This is a continual problem not just one instance. I talked with Dexcom about this, and the representative Vanessa Estrada informed me they have so many orders that they press buttons and submit requests to medical insurance companies an doctor’s offices based on what info they need to complete the order. So no picking up the phone and getting it done. They just press buttons at Dexcom and expect things will get done efficiently. I talked with her about the continual problems with orders, and I informed her that Dexcom needs to focus on quality not quantity, other wise the mass quantities of orders do not get done efficiently, an they linger as my order is as well as yours. They need to treat there business like a retail store, take care of the customer and make them happy. I placed a sensor reorder on 01.18.19 and it is now 02.16.19 and it is still in progress…


That is great that you prefer Dexcom.

That really has nothing to do with whether other companies are competition or not.


okay sounds good


I haven’t had that much trouble but they are not as responsive as Medtronics. (They were, as you say, awesome)
I am concerned with their short ordering window though as I travel to some remote places and it’s difficult to get them to change ship to addresses, and get it right. By the time they get it sorted out, the transmitter has been out of operation for several days. Then, when I get home, they send my next shipment to that temporary address. Frustrating as hell.


It does though, in that Dexcom can probably be secure in that a substantial proportion of their marketshare isn’t going to see any of the other currently available options as reasonable substitutes for their product. So functionally, they can still get away with subpar customer service without worrying about losing customers.


Whether a company is competition or not has nothing to do with a particular person’s preference.

Certainly everybody is entitled to their own opinion.


Yes, since they have started with the G6 I feel like I am waiting 2-3 weeks for orders to be filled and that is with making several calls!
I have not started with G6 yet because of this reason!
Can we get Dexcom supplies anywhere else?



Bear in mind that Q1 ordering may be significantly different from Q4 ordering.

As FYI, I have a 90-day G6 sensor reorder direct from Dexcom which is currently in progress. At this point, Dexcom has it listed as shipping on the exact date based on earliest that Insurance would allow it.

If it would be helpful for you, I can update this post with the date that it actually ships as well as when I receive it.

Note: This was an auto-order for which I did not make any phone calls. Commercial Insurance as DME. Cash co-pay using credit card on-file.


I need to just sign up for auto refill but because I extend sensor use to save $, I don’t do that! Guess I would eliminate lots of stress!


My insurance used to allow for autorefills (which I opted out of for the same reason, since I started having expired sensors, and they don’t work well once they are much past their expiration date), but now won’t, at least not through Dexcom. I finally got my order sorted out with Dexcom, but they told me as long as I’m getting my supplies covered as DME, I’m now going to need to call in for every single order (both sensors and transmitters, and sensors provided 5 sensors at a time and transmitters only supplied one at a time)… they recommended trying to get it covered under pharm benefits, which I plan to attempt, but based on the challenges I’ve had getting things covered by my pharm provider (different from my insurance co) so far, I’m not optimistic.


It’s much easier for me to order online from Dexcom’s site. Except for a few situations such as changes in insurance or Drs, I rarely call Dexcom for anything.


Oh trust me, I would have loved to have ordered through the website—the problem is, I can’t, because of insurance issues, and also because their system doesn’t track the fact that I’m using the G5 system properly (so it tells me I can’t reorder my G6 transmitter… super helpful). Unfortunately, their website provides no updates on your order once you’re forced into doing it on the phone. From what they said to me on the phone this time, it sounds like at least for my insurance (and sounds like for some others as well), web re-orders will no longer be possible (which would be a lot more tolerable if the service by phone weren’t so horrendous).


From day one my G5 comes from a distributor.
Even then it’s taken then almost two years to get their act togather. My problem seems to be how soon my Physician gets the order in every six months and the venders ability to bill Medicare


@cardamom “horrendous” is much too generous. My daughter needed to update her Dr info. He wasn’t in the database on the site. She needed a new transmitter & sensors, & it was (early) January so Dexcom needed a new Rx anyway. First call was late afternoon (she has classes until 1). An hour on hold before she had to go to work. 2nd call was 43 mins on hold at 10am local, 8am California. She updated Dr info & was told to call back in a week. 3rd call was 45 mins on hold, again at 8am local, only to be told her insurance had been verified & they would fax the Dr for a new Rx. They told her to call back in a few days to a week & she could place her order.

The transmitter finally arrived last week. Still waiting on the sensors. I should’ve ordered the sensors separately online.

Like others have mentioned, it wasn’t always like this. When my daughter started with the Dex 7+ we were never on hold more than 10 mins. With each new generation the wait times have grown longer. I hope tech support isn’t this bad. We haven’t called them in several years.


I went direct to Dexcom with good results as the distributor (J&B Medical) I was told to use by my insurance (Medicare with BCBS) dropped the ball, was bad in customer service, determined to send something they had and not what I needed and so on.
Yes it was a pain getting Dexcom all info (again) that the distributor already had but the Dexcom sales representative was very courteous, helpful, and competent.
No complaints here.


Good luck with your orders now filled by “Lucky” in the Philippines. Dexcom announced that all support staff in the USA (inside sales, customer service and apparently tech support too, but confirming this) are being terminated and support is moving to an outsourcer in the Philippines.


Note to tudiabetes staff: we could use a “like” button that includes ‘frowns’, ‘LOL’, ‘sad’, etc. The comment I’m responding to deserves recognition, but it isn’t a “likable” post–it is discussing a very unfortunate thing for Dexcom employees and it’s customers. I wish I could click on a “sad” or “angry” button like on FB.