Terrible Customer Service from Dexcom Sales


Dexcom reported this will:

… impact approximately 350 full time employees …


That’s sad if this is the case. The last few times we have called we have had to wait less than 10 minutes and any sensors shipped for the G6 came within 5 business days. I hate dealing with outsourced phone reps. This is bad news not only for the US employees but the consumers as well.


Just as FYI. The core of the facts are not rumor. This is directly from Dexcom as information provided to investors and filed with the SEC.


They have horrible customer service support and always drop the ball. I order through insurance which goes through the thenjops that they require and dexcom always messes it up.


They must be mad at you. :slight_smile: The only thing that Dexcom doesn’t do that they “should” is adhere to a 30-day time-frame. It’s more like 5 weeks, give or take. My wife and I have used the G5 on Medicare since Sept (IIRC) of 2017 and other than a couple of missing emails from them for automatic reordering, everything has gone smoothly. If we do need to speak with a rep, they have ALWAYS been pleasant and take care of the problem. So I couldn’t disagree more with your comment about “horrible service support and always drop the ball”. I’m sure you are experience issues, but those issues haven’t happened for the two of us in this household. Good luck in the future though–maybe your luck will change!

EDIT: Even though they don’t get orders out precisely every 30 days, we DO get 5 each of the G5’s instead of 4, so we don’t run low. Also, we run the xmitter past 105 days by making sure to do a sensor START on, or one day before day 105.


Seems like based on responses on this thread and the one on FUD that many others are having experiences similar to mine, so maybe you’re the lucky one? I did get 5 sensors at once, but that’s still an annoying amount per order given how effortful the refill process has been. Everyone has always been pleasant over the phone—they just haven’t then followed through whatsoever when issues have taken further steps, which has been the case for me with each transmitter reorder.


But in my case and my wife’s case (the only 2 people on the planet I can speak for regarding CGM supplies), not only have the reps been friendly, they have always resolved whatever needed to be done, be it reach out to the doctor for chart notes, or “whatever”. Not that there have been many issues anyway, but regardless I can’t complain, and as anyone who knows me, I’m a big complainer. :slight_smile:


Like you and your wife, I have not had any problems getting Dexcom CGM supplies on time, every month. One time I had a 3 day delay because I had 6 months between endo appointments but although it was within 6 months, Dexcom counts the 6 months to the day and my appointment was like 184 days from my last one and Dexcom cuts off supplies if they don’t receive notes within 182 days. They contacted my endo, got the notes and my order was rushed out.

Other than that telephone hold times up to 35 minutes has been an inconvenience, but not a problem.


My other post addresses this. There is no reliable integration between Salesforce and Oracle. This is brain dead easy stuff, but Dexcom refuses to spend even $5,000 to get it right. Bottom line is, their costs have gone through the roof, shipping dates are missed (late revenue recognition) and most importantly, customers are not being served properly.

But the executives are looking at cashing out and going off to their private islands as soon as possible.


I agree. I did not receive my email for my reorder at the end of December. I called Dexcom in the first few days of January to place my order. I was told after being on hold for an hour and twenty three minutes that they needed to update my insurance. I said ok, do it and get the order sent out. She reassured me that the process takes 40 minutes to verify electronically and the order would go out that day. This was on Monday, nothing happened since you spoke with them. Called again on Wednesday, and was on hold for 48 minutes and was told everything was done and the order should have gone out Monday but he didn’t know why. He told me he’d get it out that day, as I’m quickly running out of sensors from my last 90 day order. Fast forward to the following Monday, still nothing. I called Dexcom again and after being on hold for another hour, I was told that my insurance was not verified and I’d have to wait. I asked how long and the lady told me it could take two weeks. I got very upset and demanded to speak with a supervisor and she told me no and hung up on me. The next day I went to Kaiser on Sunset Blvd where my doctor is and spoke with member services. They got Dexcom on the phone and verified that all of the documentation was in order from a week ago and Dexcom apologized and said the order would go out that day and in the meantime they would send 1 complimentary sensor to me since I had none left. This conversation is happening in January 15. On January 23, I get an email from Dexcom that my 1 complimentary sensor shipped. On January 30, I get an email that my regular 90 day order shipped which did not reach my home until February 5. I’m not sorry in the least these people lost their jobs. I think this is a great thing If moving all the customer service to the Philippines resolves most of the customer service issues people are having with Dexcom. It certainly couldn’t get any worse. Not one single person in that building in San Diego cared that I didn’t have my supplies. There was no compassion or even the slightest hint that they cared. They have no one to blame but themselves.


Systems are not working now, how do you think it’s going to go with “Lucky” in Manila?

Better start ordering now for January 2020.


I haven’t ordered through Dexcom in years. I assumed that everyone went through a medical distributor. Are we for sure, talking about Dexcom, or is this a distributor issue?


Over the years, I have gone back and forth between direct from Dexcom and through a distributor.

It changes based on my mood, customer service from either place, insurance, the weather, etc…


I have always used distributor. It is based on who my insurance tells me is set up to file claims.

I have called dexcom for technical support only (bad sensors), but has been years since last call.


I have only ever ordered directly from Dexcom, which was what my post was about and @Jason99 's experience sounds all too similar to my experiences ordering directly from Dexcom.

Who knows. Could well be a more efficient system than one with far too few staff to meet current needs. Also I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at with the “Lucky” comment, but it seems like it might be in poor taste, especially since this forum is international and I assume intending to be welcoming to everyone of all nationalities.


They are referencing another comment.


I’m required to go through distributor.

Diabetic Endo nurse just told me that Medtronic is in the Philippines. She said no one could get reservoirs last hurricane season. Interesting.


I believe the same person made the same comment/“joke” twice, so they are referencing themselves, unless I’m missing an initial comment it was in response to.


Those of us on Basic Medicare are required to order directly from Dexcom. People on Advantage plans or in some regions of the country use DME suppliers but that is currently not an option for me.


I clearly stated in my post that this entire situation was between me and Dexcom. I have Kaiser Permanente, I order my supplies in 90 day intervals through Dexcom, not a 3rd party distributor. The same goes for my Tandem pump supplies, I get them directly from Tandem. In the past year with Dexcom, I have a 50% fail rate of getting my email notification to reorder my supplies. It has never been as bad as it was last month to get Dexcom to ship the order out, but there is definitely something wrong with how they’re doing things. Their customer service has gone downhill so far and so fast it’s head splitting.