Hey there ladies!
I’ve recently moved from ‘preparing for TTC’ to actually trying to conceive, and am suddenly terrified, even though this is what I’ve been desperately working towards since January. Suddenly every reading seems larger than life, the slightly higher than normal ones have me totally freaked out. Did any of you feel this way? That even though you’ve got your routines and doses in place, you feel like you might not manage to keep things ‘perfect’ ? CAN you ever keep things ‘perfect’.
OK I need to breathe! Please tell me how it was /is for you?

Trust me,especially during pregnancy things won’t be perfect! As long as you are working hard towards it and have a good medical team helping you, you’ll be fine! Just remember that things in your body will be very unpredictable but as long as you are doing the best you can it will all work out!

thanks for putting into words what I/we are feeling! We are expecting our go ahead for in vitro at our next endo appointment, and every time I have an off reading, I freak thinking that we won’t be getting the go ahead. You are definitely not alone! (however, that may not mean much if I am in fact a little wonky ;0)

No, you can’t ever keep things perfect Pregnancy requires more vigilance but I definitely had lots of readings out of range during mine. It’s unavoidable. Just try to check a lot and be more cautious than usual. And don’t freak out about the occasional abnormal reading.

I was a saint when I started TTC but then – surprise! – I actually ended up conceiving right around Thanksgiving when my BS control was less than stellar. At first I got really freaked out, but I think what others have said is true – you are not going to perfect, you just do your best.

I felt exactly the same way! We TTC for 2years before they found my diabetes then when I was diagnosed the thought of a diabetic pregnancy scared me so bad that I took almost a year off trying to just enjoy my toddler and facing the fact that he may be my only one because I was so scared and overwhelmed when it came to pregnancy as a new diabetic. I finally got up the courage to just GO FOR IT and am thrilled to say we conceived the first month! Must have been the undiagnosed diabetes that caused the infertility. We are thrilled! I am exhausted and starving and everything I want to eat is nothing I should have so it’s been very hard especially with the morning sickness I just don’t want to eat healthy like I did before but I have continued and only eat about 60-70 carbs a day and I go for my first ultrasound in the morning I’m sooo excited!!! You can do this!!!

Hey Lil Mama, congratulations on the pregnancy! So happy for you! Are you type 1 or 2 ( not that it seems to matter when it comes to pregnancy, all types seem to face the same stuff) All the very best for the ultrasound, and the next nine months!

Thank you All! Such an unbelievable relief not to feel all alone. And Rachel, you’re definitely not wonky ( or if you are, so am i!)

You can never be perfect (even though we try and try) with diabetes, especially while pregnant. There are soooo many hormones going on in your body while you are pregnant. When my husband and I decided to get pregnant (and we’ve had two now) I was terrified. It seems really odd but we planned it out so perfectly. The entire day I tried to keep my blood sugar perfect and then right before the actual “deed” I tested to make sure it was under 100. I was so vigilant and I tested my blood sugar like 20 times a day. I got through it though and both my little girls are perfect. Towards the end of the pregnancy with both of my girls (after 20 weeks) I got insulin resistance that none of my doctors seemed to understand. Thankfully I had a wonderful and very smart husband that helped me through it.

It’s nice to read this, and the comments.

Still trying… We started TTC last fall, ad I got diagnosed type 1 during a fertility workup. Really. I had managed to explain away all the obvious symptoms in other ways. So we put the baby stuff on the back burner for a few months, despite the huge loud TICK TOCK TICK TOCK (I’m 39), and I rocketed my A1c down damn fast so that we could start again. This past week was the first serious effort (ahem) since dx… ivf very soon if unsuccessful. Let me know how it goes, Rachel…

I’m scared too.