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How long has the medtronic Loop version been out?

I’m confused because I think of it as having evolved from APS and stuff, so I think of it as having been around forever. But, I think that Loop kinda defines itself independently, like maybe 3 years old.

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Here is better description than my previous reply.

When I started on Loop using an older Med-T pump, I was near but not at the beginning. I started in November 2016. Here’s a copy of an October 2, 2016 tweet written by Nate Racklyeft, Loop inventor.

Screen Shot 2019-12-21 at 5.52.56 AM

OpenAPS was first by a year or two and it’s technical evolution is unrelated to Loop. They are different and distinct from each other; what they share is the general concept of a hybrid closed loop and the era of pumps employed.

In the summer and early fall of 2016, I had assembled the needed parts and was attempting to construct an OpenAPS system. I had run into some roadblocks and the ease and success of early Loop adopters persuaded me to change course and give it a try.

Thanks you guys.

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