Test strip problems


Would not have thought about it. But, Before I moved to California I had a portable dishwasher in my east coast CO-OP. Then when I moved here I rented a cheap (at least here cheap) apartment. No dishwasher Now after several years I bought a condo with a real dishwasher.

So after living here about six months, I decided to make sure the dishwasher was operating correctly. Well I took the top of the the air gap (for the drain). Oh my several test strips logged inside. Definitely drains better now.

I would have never thought to check for test strips. Although they seem to be all over the condo (LOL)
T2 test 5 times a day. So just my thought check out your drain for your dishwasher.


My daughter says I leave a trail of test strips every where I go. I do!


Consider this your initiation as a test strip warrior.

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used test strips are like tribbles.


@El_Ver “used test strips are like tribbles.”

Edited to include quote that somehow got dropped while I was posting.

LOL! So true!

And, I loved that episode!

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@Tapestry I think you have to be of a certain age group to get that reference, or a serious Star Trek fan. Either way glad you enjoyed it!

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Or both :joy:

Totally enjoyed it!

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If you can say you saw it in its first run you are really dating yourself.


Sigh… I can. Season 2, episode 15, December 1967. Went running to mom asking what a Tribble was and if we had them in our house. Nightmares for weeks. Now… It’s just funny.

As an aside, creature feature and the twilight zone were interesting but not scary.


In 1967 I was in college and married. Now that dates me. Oh my


Hey in 1967 I was 10 and my parents would not allow me watch it.

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My father was a huge sci-fi fan and Star Trek was on top of his list for watching. We watched all the shows and then their reruns. I remember when our black and white television was in the shop getting reparied, they loaned us a very small color television. It was the first time we watched Star Trek in color; it was amazing to see! My husband and I had gotten on a kick and have watched the series a few times over. The episode with tribbles is one of our all-time favorites!

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Tribbles at min 32…


How did they ever get ride of all the damn Tribbles ?

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Many died on the Klingon infected grain storage on the Enterprise (?) , and the rest were beamed to a Klingon ship’s engine room which is hilarious because Klingons and Tribbles greatly dislike each other


First run here


I heard they showed up at star fleet command and later multiplied until some guy dressed in black showed up with a breathing machine. Many are surprised whose father he is. Beats me?


They beamed the ones on the Enterprise aboard a Klingon ship.


1st run for me, but my parents hated it. I was relegated to my room with a 12” B&W TV.

Now my wife hates it. We exchange one hour of Food Network for one hour of Star Trek.