Test strips still good?

I just opened a box of test strips I got today. They come 2 vials in a box..one of the vials didn't have the lid clicked on but the strips were all still in the vial..do you think they are still good to use???

Try it and see. Check using one test strip out of one vial and another out of the other...see if the results are comprable. Or see if u can return them, they might let you since one of the vials were opened.

If I ever suspect a vial of strips might be compromised, I'll check with a control solution. I'll doublecheck against a vial of strips I'm reasonbly sure isn't compromised in any way.

I say "resonably" because I always assume in the back of my mind that there is something wrong with my tests trips from the get go.

Hahaha no kidding god only knows how they are handled and shipped and stored.