Test strips

Just curious…do you use the “test solution” every time or once and awhile when you open a new package of test strips? I know we are supposed to perform a control solution test regularly…to make sure the meter and strips are in “control range” otherwise our BG numbers might not be correct…right?

That would stink…poking our fingers and getting incorrect numbers!

i have to admit i am terrible at this. i used to be much more adherent to ‘correct practices’ but then i realized that i wasn’t ever having any issues with the strips not matching, and the control solution was an expense i couldn’t manage for a while so i quit.

I never use it…if I get weird numbers then maybe

I also stopped doing this method as well. I feel its a waste of test strips…plus my current meter didn’t come with the control solution

Never do it either. I don’t even have control solution around any more. If something acts weird I’ll call lifescan and get some at that point in time.