Testing for diabetes

How do the Dr's decide which test to test you with for diabetes? I was tested over 7yrs ago and had the 12hr fasting along with the juice and a FULL day of bloodwork. It of course came back positive. But I took my Uncle in this week to get tested and all he had to do was a 12hr. fasting and he was out of there right away with no further tests.I take him back in 12 days for the results...did the lab work become more high tech they don't do the juice anymore and all day testing?

Doctors decide testing according to the patient and what type of diabetes is suspected. That's not always the best way but prudent use of medical resources dictates a lot of what they do. A person that does not fit the classic T2 stereotype would most likely be given more extensive tests to determine if T1 than the person suspected of being T2.

If the doctor suspects your uncle is T2 he or she might not run the full series of tests given to a T1. This is unfortunate because a lot of LADA T1's are misdiagnosed as T2.

He's 63yr and a slim build. But he has symptoms of diabetes(thirst,tiredness,moody and more) and has a family history of 3 types (1,2,and prediabetes).I just found that really odd, like they were saving $ and brushing it off as not serious.So I guess if they find something in the fasting I get prepared to take him for more testing...that could be dangerous though if he does have it and we waited 2 weeks??

Well in my case I had a fasting glucose level of 400 tested on a normal glucose meter so it was pretty clear I had totally out of control diabetes and the only question was which type (a question to which there still is no crystal clear answer). So they immediately did an A1C, insulin levels, and c-peptide levels. When those came back they decided I was type 1.