Tet-a-tet with CGM

Had 3 lows over the past 10 hours, THREE. over the past TEN hours. Needless to say I’m falling from

exhaustion. Oh, and did I mention I'm using an CGM sensor for the last two days that suppose to alarm me if I go high or low? Well, it did, yah, when I was already 2.5 and treating the low.
- "Beeep" reads: "I'm terribly sorry to interrupt but your blood glucose is low", just kidding, "4.9 LOW"
- "You don't say. Thank you very much, but I'm 2.5 actualy and I've already taken my juice like 10 minutes ago. Where have YOU been?".
In 15 minutes:
- "Beeep" "4.6 LOW".
- "Well, you know I am indeed 4.6, but that's actually good, that means my sugars are climbing up, the juice is working."
In 10 minutes:
- "Beeep" "4.8 LOW"
- "Well, just @#$%, will you!"
- "I'll try my best" - just kidding again.

sorry i am not familiar with the mmol/L conversion -

I have found that my delay is about 15 minutes CGM vs Meter reads…i have been setting my low alert at 90 mg/dl- that way if i am falling Dex will catch it before i get too low. Normally i would not treat until i am in the low 70’s.

i understand that if you typically run in low, this could be an annoyance - so it is a balancing act.

Hi Mollie,

2.5 is about 45 and 4.8 is about 86.4, so we have our alerts set at the same numbers. But still somehow it doesn’t work for me. I woke up today with 3.5 (63) and the sensor was indicating 5.7 (102), if I set my alarm that high, I’ll be beeping all the time, right? To me it seems that my sensor can only measure accurately when my sugars are in the range of 5 to 7 (90 - 126), the funny thing - I don’t really need exact measurement when I’m in that range. It is a balancing act.

Hi Sasha

What do you mean 5 to 7 (90 - 126) i thought if your meter reads 5.0 then your sugars are 50 and not 90?