Thank goodness for trusting my gut instincts!

Had a wonderful consultation today with a surgeon in another city close by. She made me feel comfortable, and I was confident she knew her stuff and was deserving of the Dr. and General surgeon Title.

I also learned something today that I didnt know before, She explained to me how our bodies actually prepare for the food we eat by actually just looking at it!!!

So Although I didnt elaborate on this with her because I know she is a busy lady, I kinda chuckled because how many times have you heard someone say…"I get fat just by looking at a peice of cake!"

Now I know where that saying comes from!!! LOL

Yep. It is proved by the Pavlovs dogs. Apparently (I think), these dogs in Russia were fed at the same time as a bell was rung for a few times, then the bell was rung but no food was forthcoming for a few minutes and all the dogs started salivating in anticipation.

Hah, I have used that phrase often, but never thought about it. If I go somewhere for a cup of tea or coffee or something and they ask me if I want sugar I often joke “No thanks, my blood sugar levels go up just looking at the packet!”

Well I think, not 100% sure but It sounds like the dogs were more conditioned to the bell rather than what I was referring to.
As it doesnt matter what time of day, we look at food, our bodies prepare for the "incoming!!!"
I always knew out bodies can be amazing… but this is really cool i think!

I remember reading somewhere that the brain actually stimulates a pre-meal insulin spurt when we see food and are hungry, so that there is insulin already waiting for the food to come on board. That makes sense when you realize that starches are already being converted to glucose by the saliva in your mouth. Digestions starts FAST!

And glad to hear that you found a surgeon you like – I wanna see it over and done with as soon as possible, and you back to your normal self! :slight_smile:

I wonder what my BS do , I look at my meals and say OH not again, Meat, veggie, salad, how unthrilling. you would think my Bs were lower.

Hismouse have you tried the cinnimon extract therapy? I sure works for me, might want a keep a close eye on your meds though, it might throw them out of wack because it really does lower the BS’s