Thank you. All of you

Don't know how well I'm going to type so excuse my errors.

I just want to thank you, all of you for your good thoughts, vibrations nad prayers. I think I have even felt a little "charma" on the side.

I am still dizzy and weak. What ever this crap is it has beat the heck out of me.

So I am going to concentrate on getting better.

Don't know how much I will be around but I'm sure you will understand.


Sparky, we totally understand. I understand cellulitis is painful to say the least. Plus you have the dialysis. We love you, HUGS, & more hugs. don't worry, we got you covered.

Just concentrate on getting well. Hugs, Maureen

Great to hear from you and know you're on your way to recovery. We've all got your back!

Awsome to hear from you! I hope that you get weller soon!

Totally understand Sparky. U just take care of u right now! {{{HUGS}}}

We're all glad you're back home. I hope for your speedy recovery, and that you just keep feeling better and better.

You're a fighter, Sparkster. Get lots of rest and make Sharon wait on you.....