"Thank You for Calling CVS Caremark, We appreciate your business"

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Dear CVS Caremark,

I don’t buy that line you feed me every time I call you.

You have put me through 5 months of hell and I just found out it isn’t over yet.

see, I am a very patient person, willing to let people screw up and
even screw me over because it’s in my nature to instantly think “well,
maybe they are new and didn’t know what they were doing” “maybe they
were having a bad day,” and I have given you every possible allowance
over the last 5 months.

When you jerked me around telling me
that one life-preserving prescription for a Type 1 diabetic IS covered
then turn around and say “Gotcha!!! Haha!” and it’s not - I was a
little irritated. Still willing to work with you. Then you did it
again. And again. And again. Aaaaaaaand just for good measure, you do
it again.

I have wasted more of my precious 700 cell phone
minutes with you than any other person or company in my life. Calling,
pleading with you guys to work with me because I am more than willing
to work with you.

You see, I use an Insulin Pump, being a
pharmaceutical company you should be able to derive from that that I am
a Diabetic. Maybe I should clarify that I have Type 1 diabetes and
don’t appreciate the callous eye roll and casual approach to my
actually quite serious chronic illness due to all the misinformation
going around.

I pay good money to you every month to be able to
live my life to the fullest with what resources are available to me.
You are there to help people get the drugs that they need for whatever
reason, but you are completely incapable of accomplishing that in a
satisfactory manner.

After finally figuring what string of
magical baby words to say and how slow I need to talk to you guys for
you to understand how to help me - you finally are able to get a
prescription that will work for me. After 5 months you are finally able
to get me a prescription that will work - because I got a 4 way
conference call between me and 3 divisions of your company and between
all of us you "figured it out."

I thought that maybe my problems
with you guys would be over at that point how hard is it to get a
prescription that was faxed over by my doctor the same day mailed out
to me?

Evidently you are incompetent in every division of your
company. You tried mailing and charging me for 3 other things that I do
NOT need, I did NOT order and my Doctors office did NOT fax a
prescription over for. I called, yet again, and cancelled those,
telling you in the nicest way I could while being infuriated not to
ever order something I did not authorize again.

It took you 4
days to ship my prescription from the time the fax came through. How on
earth can it take that long? How could you not have gotten the message
that I NEED these? Especially after my husband called and told you to
speed your process up and overnight my prescriptions for me. It’s been
5 months and I’m on my last infusion set.

I am not a swearing
person. My parents are great people and taught me not to use such
language. I generally don’t. Today I am pissed. Today I would just love
to cuss you out like I have never done before. Today I found out that
you did not overnight my prescriptions, you sent them via UPS Ground,
from Florida to Washington. What the Hell!? I’m not getting them until
Friday!!! What part of “It’s been 5 months of trying to get a
prescription from a company we pay good money to so you damn well
better overnight those to us” didn’t you understand!?

I know you
don’t care, but I am Pissed. Now I have to use shots for 3 days sending
me into 3 days of ■■■■■■ blood sugars and by the time I get my new
infusion sets I’ll just be starting to get the control back on shots -
but it doesn’t compare to the control I have on my Insulin Pump.

you SO much for condemning me to 3 bad days. I have plenty of friends
who were more than willing to send me a couple extras to last me until
my prescriptions came but you were supposed to overnight mine, so I
declined. Now it still won’t matter because I’ll have my own by the
time any extras are sent to me by any friends.

If I didn’t have
to use you to get my damn prescriptions because there is NO pharmacy
within 281 miles that carries these prescriptions I would never use you
again for the rest of my life.

"Thank You for Calling CVS Caremark, We appreciate your business"

Bite Me.

I’m glad you used you reached out to friends. I am also a pumper and have had those times when I was running low. I’m fortunate my educator’s office is near where I live and have called on him for extras when needed…we have to use whatever resources we have.