Thank you Kerri, a DOC pioneer

WRITTEN BY: Mila Ferrer

Many years ago a pioneer in the diabetes online community (DOC) opened up and decided to share her life with Type 1 diabetes with the world. Kerri Morrone Sparling started her blog Six Until Me in 2005, nineteen years after her Type 1 diagnosis at the age of 6; with the goal to help connect more people living with Type 1. With her funny, sarcastic and eloquent ways Kerri has been an active and one of the most passionate members of the diabetes online community since, and last Friday Kerri shared with her readers and the DOC that Six Until Me has come to an end.

During the 14 years Kerri blogged about her life with Type 1 she made us part of her journeys — we saw Kerri maturing, getting married, becoming a mom all while managing her diabetes. She made a lot of us smile, cry, reflect and in many occasions, her posts were an open invitation to be more vocal and advocate for our community. The DOC started to grow, and there was Kerri, supporting and participating actively as a speaker, consultant, writer or just as a friend who understands our daily struggles and would always find a way to make you smile with her witty character.

We might be sad about Kerri’s decision, but at the same time, we are so thankful for Kerri’s voice and passion. I know that through her posts she helped many and will continue to support the ones that visit the repository of posts. Personally, I love this Kerri quote: “Diabetes doesn’t define me, but it helps explain me.” We are complex individuals and living with diabetes brings another whole universe of things to manage, but it does help others understand us.

Kerri — Thank you for sharing your life, your joys, fears, happiness, your family and all. You helped many, many others not to feel alone and to be brave and look at their lives with diabetes with courage and to always look on the bright side.

If you have not read Kerri’s blog YOU NEED TO. I promise you will have a blast and will identify with her posts in more ways than you can ever imagine.

Best of luck to the original diabadass of our community! We can’t wait to see what you do next.