Thankful weekend

Today is the perfect weekend. I live in Central Texas so I enjoy this type of weather before it gets sticky and hot. It is about 60 degrees with the sun shining. Just took my fiesty dog for a walk and took in the fresh air and enjoyed the park. My son has been home from college for 5 weeks and goes back Monday. I am so grateful to have had the time with him and reconnect. I thought as he got older that we might grow apart or he wouldn’t need me anymore. Nope, same son just taller and older now. He keeps me young, looking forward to things, and helps me to enjoy life alone. I am taking two classes this semester at the college as I have done the past 3 years to keep my mind fresh and sharp. Well, who am I kidding? I am afraid it isn’t as sharp and like testing it to see if I still have a mind. I just turned 56 so cut me some slack. I love tai chi on Fridays as it is not something you wake up sore from the next day but makes your mind feel refreshed as well as stretching out the old muscles. I walk four miles a day among the vast cedar trees in my area. Have you ever noticed you can find beauty in everything…if you have your eyes open? J

I have been doing a daily tai chi practice for the last 25 years, and feel it is essential to my health and well being.