Thanks! Home Improvement Complete OR La cuisine est complèter

It is over. No more eating out, frozen dinners (I am throwing all the unused ones out tomorrow--HORRIBLE!)

With all the angst I have posted here over time, this is one of the best experiences I have had with this community! Such support. You made me LAUGH and SMILE when I needed it, Thanks

Now that's a good looking kitchen, lots of counter space. It looks like you could prepare a pretty large meal in that kitchen. What are you trying to do, feed a ships crew?

I see a premium kitchen and am curious about special features such as whatever is to the left of the range or is that just a missing drawer front.

Having built several kitchens I know something about them and I say "Good Job"



Enjoy it!

Damaged drawer front. Replacement being delivered tomorrow.

Nice! Just in time for the holiday meals.

When I got our kitchen in I hated cooking in it because I didn't want anything to mess it up. Continue eating out and keep it in a perfect state forever. Have you got any scones in yet ?

This is a ton of very fun work. After being immobilized for 2 weeks, there is so much to do.

First meal: grilled cheese and tomato soup. The grilled cheese sandwich was the most perfect one I have ever made. Must be the stove.

Josephine--my daughter in law commented on how clean it is. All I want to do is cook in it, fill the fridge, and the cleaning will be easy now!

Right you clean, I'll make the scones.

I made a chicken bouillabaisse today. I have a very dear friend (32 years) and her 57 year old husband is in hospice in her home, so I am finally able to cook for her.

I had to brown the chicken.... OMG it splattered!! Got to get over that, but I am still organizing and being anal about set up. So splattering chicken grease was fun and disturbing.

I know some of us are in DC. I would love to get together.