Thanks to everyone

I'm on my fourth day of my new low-carb diet, with increased focus on insulin reactions, and writing down a food log and my sugars. I have lost 3 pounds... basically just by giving up some of my favorite high salt, high bloat, high fat, high carb foods.

I feel better and have better numbers...

This is unlike diets I have done in the past, in that I am not eliminating any major food groups... I am surprised it is working. It is sort of a diabetic takeoff on the low belly fat diet. I'm drinking a lot of water with lemon... and have 4 smaller meals a day..

ame - Good luck with your new LC diet. I lost about 13% of my body weight (23 pounds) with a LC diet I started May 1 of this year. My weight loss occurred in the first three months and I haven't gained any weight back.

I found (and still find) the diet easy to comply with. After the first week I never felt hungry and the diet took very little willpower.

Keeping a log is a powerful way to stay motivated. Don't give it up.

The biggest problem I've had is keeping a lid on my enthusiasm once the weight started coming off. I wanted to tell everyone but most people are not interested, even people that are trying to lose weight. Oh well, I'm happy with my lighter self. It actually has made me feel younger!

The biggest danger of the LC diet is that most people return to their old ways and regain all the lost weight. I figure that I'm on this diet for life, at least until the cure arrives!

Excellent! And ENJOY! Enjoy the food! Enjoy the test results! Enjoy the energy!