Just wanted to thank everyone for allowing me to be a part of this community. I am new to this and still learning some of the functions of this site. I look forward to hearing all your stories and listening to some of your advice.

It's a great family and glad you joined us, Gio! I'd be worried if you said "listening to all of your advice"! Unlike egotistical doctors we all feel that here we can "take what we need and leave the rest". I am incredibly jealous of your planned teaching expedition to other parts of the world. What a great prospect to look forward to!

Well thank you for those kind words. I am a little nervous about going abroad but of course the unknown is always a little nerve racking. In reference to your doctor comment. I used to see an endo, a dietition and other doctors for my diabetes. I felt like they just kept pushing new products on me and felt it was a waste of time. I started to see my normal physician for all my needs and he gives me a lot of freedom to control my diabetes. How is your experience with endocrynologiy?

My experience is similar to yours. I'm just used to managing my diabetes myself. I know there are many people on here that have an endo they love, but there are also many doctors endos, cde's and dietitians who are stuck in the ADA dark ages and know far less than most of us on here. My doctor just writes my prescriptions and is there to deal with any non-related medical problems and that's how I like it.

Traveling will change your life - I know it changed mine!

Hell0 gio! ive been out of the country (and teaching) for thirteen years. i was diagnosed here in spain, learned lots of my diabetes related language in spanish first! where are you heading in January? keep us updated on your teaching/travel adventures!
This site has been vital in helping me to learn about managing my diabetes care. Glad you´re here!

Thank you I aprreciate that. I am going in January to China and I might teach at an ESL camp in Spain next year. My plan is to do a year or year in a half in China 3 years in Saudi Arabia or Dubai and 2 years in South America and teach in European summercamps in the summer of each school year. I also have very extensive travel plans to South Africa, Australia and Antarctica. If you dont mind me asking where are you originally from and whats it like getting inuslin overseas?

ugggh! am so jealous!! dying to get myself to asia! south america is also on my bucket list. my mom wouldnt let me do my semester abroad there, she thought it was too turned out 0k, because my year in spain completely changed my life and here i am! have you already got a job in China?? How did you choose china?

im from nyc originally. i am a dual citizen (US/Ireland) so i can work here legally and pay into the socialized medicine weve got here. i pay 6 dollars for my insulin pens, levemir and novorapid, they last 5 months. i get 100 test strips for about 75 cents. syringes and stuff like that are at no c0st. the only problem i encounter is the cheapness with the test strips, im only given 3 0r 4 a day. i checked how much theyd be without a scrip and its comparable to US prices :(

i dont know how it would be if you didnt have a work visa and i know for americans without a european passport its pretty difficult in the EU. have you got an eu passport?

I know when i studied here (no D then) i had to get IV gamma globulin and my insurance company sent it from the US. got a hard time from aduanas but eventually it got thru...

i used to live in scotland and worked summer schools in england as theyre better paid than in spain, and the med system there is excellent imho.

WOW thanks for the info. I knows Spain is beautiful I have friends from Madrid and Barcelona. Those prices are pretty cheap. I do not have an EU passport so I am assuming that those meds will be a hastle at first to get. My original plan was to go to Colombia. However I learned that in Colombia they do not pay for housing or flights. China has great ESL programs and they pay flight and housing. That is why I chose China first. I have heard I can get my meds there quite easily as they are over the counter in China. I have been to mexico and that is very similiar to their procedure. Wow NYC I have a friend who teaches there, I very much want to go. It is the one US city that I need to hit before I go to China. Have you ever been to Las Vegas?