That darned cake

I succumbed to my birthday cake last evening.

After some ummming and arrring, trying to decide whether moving day for next door (which was a non-event as they appear to still be next door) would mean some trouble for us or not, we decided to throw caution to the wind and go out. We decided on visiting a National Trust property, we had a lovely day at Castle Drogo, walking in the gardens in the wonderful sunshine, pottering around had some lunch and indulged in a small piece of choc brownie (I knoooow I hear you screwing up your face and shaking your head I’m doing it too…) This piece of cake was approx 2cm x 2cm x 2cm I shared with my partner because I thought I was erring on the side of caution and not over doing it. Those National Trust cakes are to diiiiiiiiiie for, I had what I thought was a generous bolus, considering we were walking (alot). Clearly I was mistaken as my BG was still 14.2 mmol (255). I evened that out to 6.4 mmol (115) and maintained it til tea time. Though I did feel abnormally tired and a bit crotchety…

I had my tea and… dun dun daaaaaaah (that was dramatic music) I succumbed to my birthday cake… Now I think it was a mental abberation, because in actual fact the bloody cake tastes awful or rather not at all. (Right to clarify, it’s a home made jobby from my step-daughter, I am very grateful that she took time to cook and decorate me a cake (despite the obvious hurdle), but I kinda felt a little pressure just to have some so I could say I had). It didn’t really taste, how? (it was a chocolate sponge, covered in chocolate frosting, smothered in chocolate decorations??), it was also quite dry even when it was freah, (you know how peanut butter sandwiches kinda get stuck around your gums), I knew this!! I knew when around a mouthful at my meal the other night she said it’s nice and moist and with a mouth glued shut from cake I nodded (though my eyebrows were quite raised, and I didn’t want to appear ungrateful).

Then and there I should have stopped, as the first bite told me everything I knew!!!
But I perservered… again bolused a sensibly large amount given it was made by a non-diabetic, with a penchant for chocolate decoration and sweet things…or so I thought… 2 hours post prandial I was 8.4 mmol (151)…mmm not bad me thinks and relaxes a bit, still feeling groggy but putting it down to unaccustomed sunshine and exercise…
2 hours after that, OMFG!! 20.4 mmol (367), 20 WTF!!! NO WAY!! MUST be a mistake (thinks Grape finger, thanks Danny). Went and washed my hands, just in case… still 20.2!! WHAT? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? Are they now making slow release timebomb chocolate cake, what in hell is going on?

So with it being late, like bed time late, and me being tired and cranky already and getting crosser by the second I stomped on it with a big bolus, trying not to go overboard, of 6u.
Bearing in mind that per unit of apridra my Bg comes down about 2 mmol, so knowing my night time basal is almost perfect now, I was fairly safe in the knowledge I would be somewhere around 8mmol when I woke up… I am sure my math is right here…right?

The math and theory may have been right but my Bg was WRONG!! I knew it when I woke with the sudden sensation that my bladder might burst!! As ran to the loo, becoming aware that i was conscious I also realised that either some clown had replaced my tongue with carpet or something was very wrong!! 22.6 mmol, How How hOw? OMG I feel like pooh, and how in hell did that happen.
Now I can’t really work out if I feel pooh because I am sickening for something (please not swine flu) or because of the possible/alleged timebomb cakehigh or because it wasn’t a real cakehigh and it was something more sinister lurking under the guise of a cakehigh or even a combination.
The list of symptoms is (unfortunately most are symptoms of other things too):
D wooly head flu
D carpet tongue flu
D aching joints flu
D achey/stingy muscles flu
D ridiculously tired flu
I have a funny taste in my mouth too I think I may go and test for ketones just to be on the safe side.
I have tried to stomp then glide back to normal (as I hate dropping with multiple boluses overlapping then crashing you through the floor) but even thats not seeming to work as I am still above 15mmol 4 hours after waking and a humongously large amount of insulin, supported by a couple of smaller boluses, Suspicious… me thinks

Darn that cake, it’s going in the bin!!

Hey there, yeah swapped it first thing after the second high, still feeling a bit bleugh so I’m thinking maybe i picked up a bug, the cake’s also in the bin though ;o) x

Wow. I sure hope you feel better soon!