That warm inner feeling

Easter cam and went as it has done for me over the past 45 years daffodils have struggled through the cold hard ground to give us the feeling that Spring is on it's way it may be zero outside and the rain snow sleet and hail my be falling hopefully not all at the same time although the weather here in the Shire can be changeable from minute to minute take today rain when I got up then hail and now btright Sunshine, in fact so bright I have had to draw one of the curtains to stop it shinning in my eye the Sun that is not the curtain,I guess this land of ours is blessed in so many ways,it is taken for greanted by so many yet we are just the caretakers of no one owns it we will blossom like the daffodil wither but in our place a new generation will take on the task of caretakers hope the next lot do a better job than we have.

Back to Easter leading up to it,I had a wonderful feeling like I use to get on Christmas Eve a warm glow of expectation this does not do it justice even though mayhem was breaking out in the family it was like someone had put there arms around me and quietly said there there it is going to be alright,but life will never be the same again,for me Easter was nice seeing all the grandchildren and our kids sadly not at the same time and missing our daughter who moved to the States over 10 years ago,but life is change some get use to it infact make the best of it and some like me never able to cope as well with all it brings.
Birds chatting away outside my open window smudge our cat stretched out on my bed I dried her whilst she slept,she got caught in a hail storm Sun still shinning so for now farewll from the Shire.