The 50 People Who Matter (To Diabetes) Now


Business 2.0 magazine released it’s second annual “50 People Who Matter Now” list.

Among the names listed were these that I was excited about, because of what they matter to diabetes:
-At #48, Gina Bianchini, CEO of - What is Ning? Ning is the platform that makes TuDiabetes.
com possible! :slight_smile:

-At #42, Doug Melton, Co-director, Harvard Stem Cell Institute - need I say more?

-At #38, Arianna Huffington, Co-founder, Huffington Post - she’s one of the people who have turned blogging into an everyday word.

-At #37, the Fake Steve Jobs - check out his blog.

-At #29, Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman, One Laptop Per Child - he’s behind the initiative I never thought I’d see his name rise like this again.

-At #13, Jimmy Wales, Founder, Wikipedia; Chairman, Wikia - have you seen the Diabetes Wikia?

-At #12. Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO, - OK, I am a fan of Amazon (and reviewer #74).

-At #1, the Google Trio - after all, they make life online possible… don’t they? :slight_smile: (though the diabetes ads posted in here could use some help sometimes!) :smiley:


How are the people on the list related to diabetes?