The 6 Rules to Get ON IT! A Plan for Staying Committed to a Healthy You!

TuDiabetes had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Phil last week during a live interview, about living with Type 2 Diabetes and his plan to get ON IT!! There are six rules in the plan, they are concrete, motivational and well, as logical as we can sometimes be when facing diabetes head on. Dr Phil speaks to those living with Type 2 Diabetes, but I think the rules could apply to most situations!

With all of the choices, options and at times chaos that seemingly envelops our diabetes, a nice set of rules laid out by someone else can be just what we (or at least I recognize I sometimes need!). I listened to Rule 1 today ( ) and I’m giving “Moving Forward” a shot!

Sharing Dr. Phil’s ON IT! Movement information below! Have a great day!

See the Live Interview


It can be difficult to find motivation to tackle your type 2 diabetes – and it’s easy to get discouraged. But you’ve got to get past those fears and challenges… and get ON IT! It’s your health, and it’s too important to simply ignore. That’s why I created The 6 Rules to Get ON IT, to help adults with type 2 diabetes overcome the psychological barriers so they can get on – and stay on – a healthy path. Watch the videos and then make a plan to start managing the disease. ~Dr.Phil McGraw

Please don’t take this the wrong way, cynthia, but, while I’m sure many folks will find the “6 Rules” extremely helpful, did you have to include the visual with Dr. Phil’s self-serving smile and the “I’m talking to YOU, friend!” finger pointing, because it made me throw up into my mouth just a little bit… :wink:

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It often happens that a public persona is specifically crafted and not reflective of who a person really is. Classic examples are Wallace Beery (who hated children) and W.C. Fields (who was a sucker for them).

Anyway, my take on the interview was that it was not like watching a TV performance but more like sitting on the couch talking with someone. And whether one took away that impression or not, the 6 rules ARE good ones.

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