The a1c dance

i’m doing what i’ve thoughtfully refered to as the a1c dance. it’s where my fingers are constantly going over the buttons of my pump to check my average for the past four weeks in an attempt to glean from it a hint as to what my a1c will be when it gets checked at the end of the month. it’s looking to be at about 7.5% from the numbers on my meter, but i know that the blood test counts in a whole lot of numbers that i don’t get to see if i haven’t tested. i’m working hard to bring that number down though and as long as i keep seeing improvements, i’m a happy camper. i’m doing everything i can right now to bring my average down in the next couple of weeks. every little bit helps and i want my doctor to be nice and not give me the “you’re being a stupid bint” look.

woo hoo! Way to go! Good job on the focus and making it happen. You can do it!!