The adventures of Thelma and Louise

What a day today was. I woke up at 133, and looking at Louise (my cgm), my overnight numbers looked good (no alarms, which is set at 180). I ate my usual breakfast and was off to school. About an hour later my high alarm went off and I was 188. I was in the middle of teaching so didn’t go test at the moment, just thinking it was my peak post meal number. About 45 minutes later I glanced at Louise and was shocked to read 400! The graph on my screen went straight up! Thankfully I was just about 1/2 hour away from my planning period. I called the office to let them know I was zipping home (I’m sure the secretary could hear the dryness of my parched mouth). When I got home to change my site, I found that my infusion set wasn’t even in anymore. In eleven years of pumping, I have never had this happen. The strange thing is, I didn’t even feel it. Needless to say, my pump flatlined for about 6 hours, but now I’m sitting at 88. Thelma (my pump) and Louise sure had a wild ride today. Let’s hope they don’t decide to do this one again!

EEEkk!! Busted infusion sites are no fun! Glad you’re ok now!

I thought about that too, Tonyia. Of course, after the fact!