The Bad and the Good rant and praise

I have a frustration and a happy thing I wish to share.

Lets start on a high note :slight_smile: not high bg :slight_smile:

I have zero plaque in my arteries. At 42 and type 1 for 12 years that’s pretty awesome. It is because I have Cystic Fibrosis and don’t break down fats and proteins well so they don’t give me the sticky stuff. So there is an up side to CF.

Now the bad. Even though my BG is getting a bit better because of the CF I am having trouble putting on any weight. I am only about 3 pounds away from a feeding tube weight and it is really aggravating me. I thought getting my high BG’s down would help me but it has not. How is that possible? Was I mistaken thinking high BG was making my CF related problems with food worse?
Has anyone else not gained weight when they got there BG under better control? If not i guess it is just the CF which I will have to accept but I don’t want to.

Despite this I am happy :slight_smile: I am endlessly hopeful so don’t feel because of my frustration I am also sad I am not just plain frustrated.

Be well and be loved I believe we all are


Getting to 42 with Cystic Fibrosis is a huge achievement. Add in diabetes on top of that, and I’m in awe of your strength.

When people with diabetes are losing weight because their blood sugars are sky high getting back into control will stop that weight loss. In that case the weight loss is because they are starving to death from not having any insulin to push glucose into cells.

But that’s the only time weight loss stops when you improve control. Most people with diabetes gain weight when they inject insulin and the more carbs they eat with insulin the more they gain. So eating more carbs would probably be helpful, except that with the other problems you have with CF you might not be metabolizing carbs into fat even with insulin. Also, the more carbs you eat, the and the more insulin you inject the more danger of hypos if you get it wrong, which if your digestive system is not working properly is a huge problem. So more insulin/carbs is NOT a solution for you.

Can you supplement with “good” fats like coconut oil. Quite a few people who have fallen for the idea that it is a weight loss aid report gaining weight eating extra coconut oil even when they are eating low carb. You can mix it with melted baking chocolate and sweetener and harden it up in the fridge and end up with something a lot like fudge.

Dr. Bernstein was asked in a teleconference last year about how to gain weight if a person is a Type 1 maintaining strict control by limiting carbs and he said to increase fat, so that would be my suggestion. The coconut oil is one of the more palatable ones, though I think the other health claims made for it are utter crap.

Hi Jenny
Ill try it and thank you. The downside is I only really digest carbs so I need them like someone else needs air:)
Protein and fat have the ability to really shut my digestion down to the point I can eat and there is no show in my BG. Went thru this yesterday drank an ensure 45 grams of simple carbs and I went low so that tells me I need to cut back on the proteins and fat give my tummy a break. I would really like some more heavy carbs but I don’t know what they are. I tend to eat fat free or low fat carbs cause it is easy to digest. Salty and Sweet told me about nuts but they have not worked yet. I know I am spending more time now at a normal sugar, my electolytes are normal for the first time in 2 years. My iron is still low but up from 7 to 11.6 :slight_smile: Everything seems to point better so I am frustrated.

Doc’s just say well you have CF, DM and Anemia…Like I am lucky to be alive and maybe I am. But that does not mean I don’t want to fight for more :slight_smile: Make sense?

Do you think there is anything in Dr. Bernstein’s book that could help a person who has digestive impairments with protein and fat?

Be loved

Hi Laura
I understand your frustrations. In high school, back before I was diagnosed with diabetes I did NG feedings for about two weeks. It was VERY successful, but it took some serious courage to shove that tube down every night. I still can’t believe it but in just ONE night I gained SEVEN pounds!!! (I may have been on prednisone too though) I still have stretch marks from it! Are your docs talking about a NG tube or the one that is more permanent?
After hearing your struggles with your tummy, it makes me wonder if your carb to insulin ratio is right. Or maybe you need two ratios, one for when you eat fat and protein and another for just fast acting carbs. Do you tend to go high then crash into a low?
I am really interested in what Jenny said about carbs turning into fats. I can’t figure out how to send her a private message… I’ll have to look into that later today.
Hope you are having a good day!

Hi lady I missed seeing you around I just emailed you :slight_smile:
The stuff I can digest easier does not do much for my weight. That is also the stuff that is easy for me to cover. I always BG crash around 21/2 to 3 hours after bolus I am used to it there is nothing left for me to digest :stuck_out_tongue: So I use that to make myself nibble if you will help with weight. Diabetes has just made the CF problems worse. That makes me bitter but only for a moment.

The NG tube is what they are saying I have a low threshold for weight lose I am 5’ 7" and medium bones so now I am at 121 and look kate mossish :stuck_out_tongue: when I get in the teens everyone freaks and honestly I look pretty awful in the teens. But one doc is thinking tummy tube and I do not want that. I am just gonna try to eat more and take the pancreas hope I don’t get an obstruction. I am a baby I don’t like doing things I worked so hard to stay away from :stuck_out_tongue:

I also know I am blessed but that does not mean that I should just accept my medical fate as my doc’s seem to think or do you think I should? Have you faced that?
Be loved my cf sister :slight_smile: