The battle

I feel like a general after a great battle, not a simple general, the general who wins the battle. the Ennemy is like a nightmare which comes years after years, months after months and its name is A1C. I spent so many years in front of bad numbers, high bad numbers such as 12 %, 9 %… I think I paid for them a very high price and in my brain a litlle voice said, so many times, you must do something, there’s something wrong, you can’t stay like this… And you know the story, it’s always the same story I tell you, my great rendez-vous with TuDiabetes and how I discover a new way and a new health. Yes a new health. And you, all my friends gave me the strength to change. Oh, it was not easy to understand that I can live under low carbs diet but you told me to read the good books and I learnt so much with the discussions. So I started a new deal with my type 1 and the bad numbers went down and it was 7,4/ 7,6 . It was so hard, you can’t imagine. And 3 months ago I told myself , you must win the battle, all your friends are waiting for that. When I saw my opthtalmo, she gave me a very good new: my macula oedema was smaller than before. Why? because the Ennemy was going away from high numbers. And it was winning day after day. And today I’m so proud to say that I’m at 7,1% after so many bad long years. Before it was like a fight against the wind. And now a new battle is in front of me : I want to go under 7 % . I started this blog with the words" general who wins the battle" ; Yes it’s a battle, it’s not game but I’m not quite sure,now at the end of the blog, that there will be a winner . I think the winner never wins for a long time. Day after day I must fight to keep the good number of the A1C. May be it is not the Ennemy but I like the image. And of course, I need to feel like a general who wins the battle. So… Do you have any medal ?

Well done Brigitte you have done so well with your A1c! The fight is tough but you can take great satisfaction in those good numbers ! You are the winner !

together we can do so much more than alone. TuD has helped me a lot too.

Dear Brigitte!! This is wonderful news! Your great A1c is a reason to celebrate!!!

It is true that it is a constant battle. Last year, my A1c’s were very good. This year, not so good :frowning: So I also recently started a “new deal” with my type 1.

But it is always good to know that we are not alone in the battle. It is certainly much better not to fight alone!

Sending hugs to you!!!