The Beauty of Diabetes

Hello to all of the broken pancreas people!

Because I am too lazy to tell the rest of my story for a while, I have decided to have a little game! I have given up being cynical today and so far have kept it up for all of ten seconds! Well Done La!

So I have decided to post a blog about all the great things about being a type one. Post ay more below :)

1. Cross country day at school. . . Worst day of the year. This involves effort so obviously its a bad thing to do. Everyone goes around the school asking people to trip them up so they can get a scratch making it too painful for them to run. Even if your leg is at the point of gangrene, you do not get off cross country however diabetics always get offered a cross country absent ticket.

2. You fancy a bit more desert at school... bring out the diabetic card and suddenly you can have as many doughnuts as take your fancy.

3. SERIOUS AND MOST IMPORTANT ONE. Your pancreas was destroyed by cells that are brilliant at fighting cancer. Therefore you have incredibly strong cancer fighting cells. N.B. This does not mean that you cannot get cancer and if you do have cancer, it does not mean that recovering is a piece of cake. You just hold a better chance. - I do not remember where I found this piece of research from.

4. You develop a better understanding of how your body works. This helps you in real life and helps you in your biology lessons and exams. You stay in tune with how you are feeling more and know how to cope with illnesses and dodgy situations.

5. Appointments normally coincide with maths or physics, my least favorite subjects, and never on the days of Latin, Ancient Greek, Art or History which are my absolute favorites.

6. Diabetes has taught me a lot about life, how to persevere, how to avoid temptation, how to get out of that Spanish test I forgot to revise for... I joke. I have not abused the fact I am a diabetic.

7. The school nurse takes every opportunity to give you shortbread and buys your absolute favorite hypo busting snacks. Omnomnomnomnom....

8. When going out with friends, the parents always gave me a bit more extra money incase of emergencies. I am not sure what emergencies they expected but I can always keep the change so earned a little more pocket money this way :p

9.ALthough I hate maths, I am in the top 0.1% at maths for my age in England. I put this down partially to diabetes.

10. You can tell who has a good character. People tease you about, for example, only drinking water or diet coke and when you announce that you have D, you can watch them cringe with embarrassment. Its great!

11. Whenever I am sad about D, I think 'Well I can be thankful that the other parts of me work well.' and then I think of my amazing friend Grace who I knew after she recovered from her second cancerous brain tumor. The tumor came before her age had reached double figures. If you want to find out about Grace, she has a charity and a website so visit that!

If you have anything to add, please post below!

La Xx

Just thought I would add, only for people with an NHS, that you realise where all the taxes are going and you start to get some more stuff for your tax money.

Thanks for posting such a positive article. Its easy sometimes to get caught up in the poor me but you are exactly right, we have many things to be thankful for

I love this! Silver linings! Ok, other good D things, hmmmm, let's see... How about Empathy? I feel like I've gained a huge heart for all people/creatures wrestling with hard-to-manage physical/mental problems. D has made me way less judgmental!