The Best $15 ever spent

(Warning: due to the graphic nature of this post, viewer discretion is advised)

Here I am, posting about my personal life on the Internet, stupid, I know. But I’m just so relieved right now that I gotta…

Place: gynecologist’s office.

Time: An hour and a half after the appointment time.

The doctor breezes in, sits down + his glasses automatically slide down to the end of his nose-giving him that distinguished middle-aged authoritative look.

“What’s that in your cheek?”

“Uhhhh- its a glucose tablet. I don’t wanna get low.”

"Oh, it looked like a tobacco wad, we had someone once chewing tobacco while her surgery was going on."

Choke on the glucose tablet. “That’s funny, not very smart though.”

"You see everything in this business."

30 minutes later, said problem is taken care of + the doc mentions something that makes me sit up and take notice. Said problem was responsible for something else, its NOT neuropathy of something else.(like the NP said it was) It was a little freaky, I’ve never been cut/stitched in that part of the anatomy(under local anesthesia, no less) but it was all straight forward + someday,(plus 9 months) it will all have been worth it. I’m really glad NP’s aren’t always right.

If I understand correctly, congratulations are in order.