"The Best Life Guide to Managing Diabetes."

Today I am attempting to start Bob Greene’s (Oprah diet guru) plan in his new book "The Best Life Guide to managing Diabetes and pre-diabetes. I am interested in seeing if this works. The book/website take a three phase approach to weightloss, increased energy, and a decrease in A1c levels.

Phase one,titled “Taking Control of Your Blood Sugar”, encourages you to move more, eat a specific range of calories for your height and weight and weightloss goals, drink 6 glasses of water a day, and test more. That is of course, a vague descripton. My goals are to feel better, lower my A1c into the 7 range (then eventually down from there), and to lose 20 to 30 pounds - emphasis on lowering the A1c. The first phase lasts for four weeks.

Who knows if this will guide me in the right direction, but I’m optimistic. The book was just released November 3rd.

Do you know what Phase II & Phase III are? Phase I isn’t anything new:) The road to riches in this country is writing a diet book & the road to greater riches is getting Oprah to promote it.

Right! So far I know that phase one is mostly about learning better portion control and that phase two if fine tuning your diet (ie exaclty which types of bread are better and complex vs simple carbs, how many and what kind to eat, and how to space them throughout the day. None of these books are “the miracle cure.” I’m just interested in whether this will produce ANY results. The claim is that if you follow the plan - which, so far, is just general healthy living stuff, then you will be able to lower your A1C. I just want to test the validity of that claim : )

Hope it helps! Nope, no miracle cures, sadly. Let me know how it goes.

Seems that most diet books are geared to Type 2s since they’re a bigger audience.