The best sets for me

ive sorted out my problems with infusion sets, and find the comforts, and the contact detaches work best. i suppose the
manually insertable needle is best for me, since its what i am used to after so many years of injections. the insertion devices of the insets were more of a pain in the arse so to speak, :wink: (although i havent actually used that area of my anatomy)
on another note, i sure hope our new pres. can accomplish some of the things he has campaigned for. we shall see. ive seen a few different presidents in my life, and alot of their rhetoric has remained just that. but there are certainly a few things more important than that, like a woman’s right to chose, and health care for all, and alternative energy. i hope…

I have used the Comfort for 4 years and loved them as well!

I like manual insertion, though my pump trainer told me that I am the world’s slowest inserter!!!