The Betes Part 6

So here we are – finally. In case you’re wondering what took so long….well that’s a long story. Medtronic and I were working on a project to bring social networking to their diabetes portion of the company for the last 6 months. The video below is what was originally submitted to them to be the beginning of many posts for them and The Betes.

That didn’t work out so I’m on my own. But that leaves you. What about you, the raving fans? Well…this means that since that contract didn’t work out, I’m free to continue making these videos and ushering in the next wave of irreplaceable wit and humor that you can’t live without. So tell all your pancreatically challenged friends that The Betes is back!

So, you can finally expect more of these. Please continue to email and ask questions or twitter me directly.

Email neil.greathouse[at]

On to the video. Which will also be on Vimeo soon…because I’m not a fan of YouTube.