The Big "D" strikes again

Last week was my wife and I’s two year anniversary so we diceided to celebrate it over labor day weekend. Well, guess what? The Big “D” had to make its presence known. You can read all about it on my blog:

The love and loath of my life wrapped up in one day

it’s a long read but definitely tells the tale.


Just read your story. What a night the evening with your wife and Diabeasty raise his ulgy head. I have been their and done that also.
I was talking to the help line at Medtronics the tech told me not to suppend the pump while I am disconected. Told me that sometimes the plunger will backup a little while suppended and then you might not get the right amount of insulin.


Thanks so much for the info. guess I need to rethink the suspend option.

Yes it was but what to you expect from the big “D”