The BIG Six-Oh

Hello there, strangers. It is a long-lost ghost from the past ... maybe six months!! It just seems that it has been forever since I've visited my friends on this site.

Today is a big day for me. It is my 60th birthday and it has made me think of my life in the past ten years. Looking back on the drastic changes (especially in the health field), I can't believe it is my life that I see. It seems to me that it is the life of some other poor sucker and not me. There have been many horrid things and people in the scenery of my life. But, then, there are many, many more wonderful people woven into my life since I have joined this site.

I want to say that those whom I have come in contact with are very special in my heart. Although I haven't been a really active contributer this past year, I have still tried to think of many of you that have reached out and touched my life in the last 5 or so years. I beg your forgiveness for not being more active of late. It is not the fault of anyone here since it is I that has lost interest in many aspects of my life. I haven't even been working on my book about my amputation and other health woes. Right now (still kind of funky feeling) I still don't have any interest in a lot of things.

One good thing that has come about this month of my 60th birthday (groan!) is that the year-old wound on my remaining foot has finally almost completely healed! Yeah!! Hope it doesn't ever come back.

Again, if I haven't said it clear enough before, I love you all very much!!!


LOIS! Happy Birthday!! the big six-OH. congrats on the progress with your foot. Indeed, there are tons of wonderful people here. come join us in the chatroom (if you're so inclined) or participate in any way you find interesting and/or fulfilling. hugs and kisses, long live the Purple One!

Happy Birthday Lois! I made it to 60 before you (this last July).

Happy Birthday Lois!!

We miss seeing you here. I'm glad that your foot has healed.
Good wishes to you Youngster.

Oh Lois dear ♥ That's the big one awaiting ME tomorrow!!! So we're in the same boat...same vintage!!
Popping over to your page, but here too....HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LADY!!!
luv and baskets of hugs....linda

Oh ha ha ha! You remembered the Purple One! Maybe I should change my internet name to it??? Thanks for the birthday greeting. I am surprised that I was dropped off the computer list of birthday babies. Oh well, when one reaches the level of old f*rt in this world, you can expect things to drop off thr "edge!"


Oooooh. I love the bag of roses! I know what you mean. I sure do seem to bounce back after things that could kill me. Maybe I should change my internet name to "Purple One Rubber Ball???" The only thing about being 60 is that, sooner or later, someone is going to let the air out of my rubber ball. Ahhhh, immortality!


Oh, Linda, sorry I didn't turn on my computer yesterday. Happy Birthday To You!! I'll try to send you some cute thing .. if I can remember HOW!! Anyway, hope you had a nice one.


You [probably] don't know the strain of all the DR visits and visiting nurse visits but, let me tell you, a year is more than a long time. I'm glad it's almost gone. From the looks of your picture, you don't look any older than I am! OH, sorry, that just couldn't be your picture!!


Well, welcome to the world of senior citizen ... a year late! How does it feel? I don't know myself since I have been in a lot of pain in the last few weeks and I guess I am concentrating on that! Let us all hope that the next decade is much better than the last and we all live to be crotchety old ladies!!


Happy 60th to you both, Lois and Linda and good to see you here, Lois. You were the person that everyone seemed to know and care very much about when I first came on board at TuD. I've got you two beat, I'll be 65 on Thursday. My brother thinks 65 is also a big deal so we will be celebrating my birthday instead of Thanksgiving! (None of us eat turkey, so what the heck!). Remember when our grandmothers were 60 and wore their hair in a bun, wore dowdy housedresses and baked cookies?

Hey, Zoe. Happy Birthday on Thanksgiving! We just a bunch of old ladies; but I don't wear dowdy housedresses and bake cookies. In fact, I wear baggie old pants and can't even get near an oven without burning myself. (My power chair just won't let me get close enough without harming myself.) Well, anyway, let's all down a big swig of something that might make us giddy and say Pfffft! to another birthday!

Lots of love,

Same to you, Lois! Drinking a glass of Prosecco to all of our generation who are redefining what it means to be 60!

Zoe....easy to say that 60....65 is "just" a number, when we've reached it!!!! But....what can you do! Rather like the 60 of today vs the 60 of our grandmothers' time!! 60 was old then....not just because WE were children.....but due to the era. Being 60 now equates to being 40 in 1960!!! So....I fancy myself a sweet little thing of 40!
Cookies however....I will always bake those ;)

Yeah, I agree. I don't feel like my parents when they were in their 60's ... I feel like I'm 80! Just kidding. But my body is trying awfully hard to attain that. My mind just doesn't seem to want to grow up!! Linda, tell you what .... YOU bake those cookies and ship them off to me!!!! lol


Blessings on your birthday. Wishing you a gentle day surrounded by those you love.....

Thank you, Elizabeth. I only wish that the ones I once loved were here to surround me. (Long story.)