The Bigest Loser TV Show

I was watching last weeks Biggest Loser and I seemed to have noticed two contestants with something on them. Looked liked Omnipods to me, but not sure. Has anybody else noticed this or confirm that this is so. They have never mentioned diabetes as far as I know. I think one of the pods were on the daughter on the Pink team. One of the men had the other one I think. This was on last Tuesday, the 9th.

I didn’t think they were podss, rather maybe a CGM?

I saw them too. It looked like a Dexcom sensor to me. I think they wear the body bug on their arms and these were on their stomachs.

Yes Lori. The one on the stomachs were the ones I was referring to. John, I want one of the body bugs that they wear on their arms. Tracking calories while sleeping is just too nice! Maybe they are sensors then, which would probably make a lot more sense. Since I do not have a pod or a sensor, I could not quite tell what they were. Thank you all for the responses. I think that I can assume they were glucose sensors then.

Warning… googling Body Bugs is a little bit gross. lol But I found their site, me thinks. :slight_smile:

The Body Bugs are a little steep. $249. It might be worth it. Not sure.

Lizmari, thanks for the google warning!! (and the link!)