The "Bon Secours" Health System is Nieither!

Living in Richmond, VA, I am subject to using the "Bon Secours" (Good Help) health system, which, unfortunately, I have nothing good to say about. They were great (medically speaking) when I was hospitlized for months after my diabetes - related stroke in 2005, but they are terrible when it comes to administration, especially their finance dept.. I was back in the hospital (another Bon Secours hospital) last year for more sugery (again...diabetes related) and though the surgery went without a hitch, a few months after I was out I got a bill for $11,000. Before I went in my doc told me that my mmedicare would cover practically this was a bit of a surprise. Turned out to be an accounting mistake by the hospital staff, and I had to sort it out with Medicare, which I did. Then, finally, I still ended up oweing the hospital $1100, which I paid in full over 6 mos.. The accounting dept still could not get it straight and hired a collection firm to harass me and destroy my credit! I am wondering if I can find a lawfirm to help me out...anyone?