The Celt is Back to Rambling again

Back on Track:
It's been awhile but I'm motivated to get back on track. I've been semi-watching my numbers (I know not good). My A1C is 6.9 not great but not horrendous. I had a very stressful year but I'm committed to getting back on track. I find if I write things down I keep to the plan; some reason seeing everything in writing makes it real for me. Yesterday I had a long visit with Dr. A my nutrition guru. She was not happy with my numbers; I gained the weight back that I lost last year and I feel tired and sluggish. After I left her office I started my 21 day detoxification program. Shakes, supplements, fruits, vegetables, plenty of water, and exercise. This plan is very low on the carbs so I have to watch the B/S. After the 21 days of no processed food I should lose my cravings for the unhealthy sweets and carbs; in theory anyway. One thing good about this plan is I don't have to think about food much, mostly steamed or raw veggies and fruit. yes i know 2x's the amount of vegetables as to fruit. The only issue that keeps rearing its ugly head is the no starchy veggies and yes unfortunately for this Celt that means potatoes...
Get weight down10-15lbs & A1C# down some by Celtic New Year (Halloween).
Todays Numbers
Today my waking B/S was 141.
Today's weight will be my ground zero starting number.

How is 6.9 not great?

Hello fellow Celt, I understand the potatoes thingy. You've just inspired me to do a semi-detox, it's too cold to go full blown. Just feel much better without the junk. I'm going food shopping tomorrow and its gonna be healthy all the way, thanks to you. The hbA is not too bad, to me its great, just get rid of the 0.9 bit.

Ah, but look where eating potatoes got the Celts in the Potato Famine. Obviously a vegetable to avoid LOL Good luck with the diet, perhaps I should start something similar now it is Spring and getting warmer in Oz-land.

We blame everything on the English, the caused the famine. I feel like moving to Oz, anything to get away from this weather.

I wish I had a 6.9 try 10.5 Totally unacceptable.

I had my retinopophy(eyes check) last month and all was fine but yesterday and today ive had this kind of light brown speckles in a haze moving in my eyes when i look sideways and back.Any idea what it might be ? My bg was 7.9 this morning and that was maybe not diabetes causing it? I is baffled i is.Any thought's people?