The Cholesterol Myth that is Harming Your Health

I don’t normally care for Mercola’s rants, but I found this article to be very informative:

It's too long for me to post here... But please, do read, it's great.


Great read Lizmari. Thanks for the post.

"What cholesterol level is too low? Brace yourself.

Probably any level much under 150 – an optimum would be more like 200."

Mine has always been under 150. At one point it was 110, usually closer to 130. I don’t medicate to do that, it just is.

Guess I’m scr00d. =/

To me, the real issue on the lower numbers is falsely lowering cholesterol levels by medicating. I would think that if naturally your cholesterol levels are a little low and not in the “optimum” range, i doubt your scr00d :wink:

Yes, that’s what I got out of the article… High cholesterol is a symptom of something, not the issue itself.

great article. Thanks for sharing it. Leads to a ton more reading as well. =^)

It actually reminds me of Retinopathy in that is cholesterol coming to aid damaged areas like the new cells come to aid in the retina.