THE Club

Today, 12-11-12, I have officially joined the Drop Your Expensive Medical Device in the Toilet (AFTER You Peed) Club. :-( But it seems to have suffered little damage -- I can see some wetness on the screen, but it's working as it should! :-) (And for those of you in the know, it was the Dex -- due to be replaced on 12-13-12 anyway!)

Don't you think we ought to have a predictable mishaps group? The reason I'm SURE it's a club is that I KNOW I'm not the only one who has done similar, LOL!!

Proof positive that a sense of humor is always good to keep around, Natalie! :) Thank you for making me smile this morning, although I'm sorry you joined THE Club. At least you're due for a replacement case it happens again!

I'm a member of the "ALMOST Dropped My Expensive Medical Device in the Toilet Club"... too many times to count. I usually carry my Dex in my pocket and it's been known to fall out of my pocket onto the floor.

I haven't joined that club yet (thankfully). But I have dropped a newly-filled cartridge in the garbage by accident and fished it out and still used it. :) Couldn't waste 200 units of insulin!

We should definitely have a club! I have done this many times :slight_smile: another favorite of mine is when I walk by a door and my line gets caught on the knob. I keep going and my pump stays there haha!

I came very close to dropping my pump in the toilet the other day. It was clipped to my pants, but came off as I was pulling them up. I caught it by the tubing at the very last second, when it was about 2 inches away from the toilet water. I decided that it was a sign that my reflexes have clearly not been affected by diabetes!

Yes, I'm already a member. Only happened once.

In my case, dex was in my shirt pocket, and fell out as I flushed. Fortunately I was quick !! (otherwise I might be in a different club.)

OMG, that made me laugh. I really had no idea we had a club for that here ? You learn something new everyday. The Dexcom is the first piece of expensive medical equipment I have had and my nickname growing up was Clumsy Clare, so eventual club membership for me is almost a given.

You must have fished it out fast. Glad you have a new one coming. I keep waiting for this to happen to my Dex, only a matter of time.

LOL-yes, I am a member as well, but with my Ping.I was mortified when it happened!

I joined a related club: those who have dropped their cell phones in the loo.

Mine wouldn't work right even though I shook it, dried it with a hair dryer, etc. But looking in the Yellow Pages, there was a local franchise of a national chain that fixes cell phones -- they told me this is a standard problem for them. Fifty bucks later, I had my $300 cell phone working fine.