The Corona +5

We/in the house had quite a chat today about the Corona Virus +5. Terrified my eating will go bonkers. That’s about not being able to walk – I go to a YMCA so I can use their treadmill and walk safely because of my neuropathy and its closed - can’t feel my feet very well so walking somewhere safe and flat is important. Since I can’t go out to the store or park - Corona limited – I worry about the +5 or more.

I am 61, a T2 diabetic on Metformin (1000mg/day) AND follow a ketogenic diet. In the last year, I have been working hard to eliminate meds and improve my health – including my diabetes and my liver health. So much is about diet. The keto diet is about stopping the sugar, stopping the processed foods, watching amounts and I personally (that means LISTEN to your body) because of gastroparesis eat OMAD. I have lost over 150 pounds. I am off the Bydurian shots and Jardience and the next step is to reduce the last BS med, Metformin. My A1C last time/3 months ago was 4.8 and today was 4.7. Today my visit with my endo was online with a video meeting. It went beautifully. So yes, it is possible and insurance will pay for it. All my blood work was awesome/in the brackets as we say.

To lose my momentum at this time because of the Corona is my fear. So I am doing some extra things – logging my food (I swear I am losing track of what day it is, what time it is) and journaling to keep my head together. I have a sit and pedal machine to try to keep me active – (my street is too bumpy to walk and I don’t want to have a fall - been there, done that!) I am losing about 10 pounds a month and had a tough month because routine went out the window and a new routine in the front door (I’m a teacher and life is pretty interesting right now)

I recommend an endochrinologist. Mine is awesome. Most comments on here seem negative about their doctor but mine is a rock star. I highly recommend a KETO diet (I don’t have a gall bladder, and still works very well). I suggest you reduce and if possible eliminate the meds – Metformin reduced and gone – that’s my goal and my endo supports it. Less meds are always good. I am not experiencing morning spikes - with KETO and Metformin I have a consistent 80-90 BS in the morning. I am not an expert/doctor, but that is my life experience and if that helps anyone avoid the Corona +5, great.

Good Luck. Be safe.


Congratulations @Marcia_Skidmore! This is awesome news! You’re an inspiration to me and I am certain to others!

You are doing a great job!!! I take a supplement called Alpha Lipoic Acid to prevent neuropathy. Google the supplement and look at studies done in Germany especially.

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That is a fantastic a1c. Good for you!

Great A1c, but why would it change yes it is a bit harder to find the right food choices.
San Francisco here. Just a bump in the road, continue on. Diet and exercise only for 9 plus years less than 6.0
It does not change my outlook on my WOE

I will, thank you!!

Just checking, so how are you doing? Well I hope