The cost of having diabetes

my husband and both have type 2 diabetes and we have no drug programs to help get what we need to stay healthy I have more health problems too …does anyone know of a place to go that will help with some of the stuff we use for diabetes

can’t we let it slide this once, lol

I thought all Canadians had government healthcare? Doesn’t that cover most things?

Agreed… T1 or T2 it seems the situation would be the same.

no not for the med and other stuff we need it only covers the doctors visit

sorry new here didn’t mean to upset anyone

thanks for the info

That’s a bummer… I was under the impression it covered everything. I would suggest contacting the drug companies… most offer programs to assist with prescriptions if you meet certain income requirements.

Do pharmacies in Canada offer the $4/5 RX programs? Here in the US, certain drugs are only $4 or $5, which can help a lot… most common generic drugs are on those lists. You might talk to your doctor about switching if that is a possibility - my experience is that a lot of doctors don’t know which drugs cost more, so that doesn’t influence what they prescribe.

no we don’t have that here as far as I know but will the pharmacies when I go again thank you for the help

Glad to see you’re as positive as ever…not lol!

You’re in the right section. Type 1 or 2 can always use suggestions when it comes to help.

Hi Debbie , from your profile I read you live in Ontario, Canada .
I visited the Canadian Diabetes Association’s website …under advocacy one can click on all the provinces and territories . Here you will find what is listed in your province .
Have you spoken with anyone at the CDA at 1-800-Banting and possibly someone can direct you ? I wish I was savvy enough to post it here .My brother( a senior ) lives in ON and uses insulin etc.; he has never complained to me about , what you have stated .
Generally prescription meds and supplies are covered , subject to income, age . ( NOT over the counter stuff ) It is different in every Province and unfortunately it does depend where you live as far as coverage is concerned …one of the continuing exercises for the CDA with the Feds and Provincial Governments to create better coverage for those, who do not extended health benifits . CDA and advocates from across Canada met with the Feds in Ottawa, December 2009 .
Glucometers are usually free with the purchase of strips. I have never paid yet for lancets…always free bees
I have not checked this if you did or not : …maybe a good idea for you to post this on the Canadian site as well ??..

ok thanks for info am not a pension but if I was it would be cover