The Crazies - What happens when I have a severe low

I've never written a blog on here before, but I thought I'd share this story. Maybe you've had a similar experience?

This is something that happened about a year ago. I have my husband's word that everything is true, to his best interpretation.

We'd been arguing. This happened more than I would like to admit when the twins were first born. I have a self-destructive side that emerges when I feel threatened. I remember thinking that he was being really mean and that I didn't deserve it. Honestly, I can't tell you what the argument was about anymore. I'm sure it was simply that we were both exhausted all the time and on each other's nerves. So, I "forgot" to eat.

This argument escalated and, at some point in our "discussions", Hubby said that I abruptly stopped talking, went into our bedroom and just got into bed. So, he started doing laundry. He said that he would look at me as he passed through the bedroom and he just assumed my glazed, vacant stare was me staring icicle darts at him. I guess he missed the drooling. After a while, he'd had enough of my silent treatment and he came to talk to me. He said that I just stared at him and wouldn't talk. After a while he started to get mad. Then the crazy started.

He said I shouted at him to leave me alone and I crawled under the covers and started to cry when he touched me. When he wouldn't leave me alone I rolled across the bed (still under the covers) and fell off the far end. When he heard the "thump" he started thinking that maybe this wasn't normal behavior for me. Hmmm. Maybe she's... low? He started asking me if I was alright and did I need something to eat. He said I just shook my head and jumped up and ran into the bathroom. I'm sure I slammed the door. Maybe twice. He came after me (stubborn man). He said when he opened the door I was nowhere to found... until he saw my feet sticking out from under the hanging clothes in my closet. Shhh. I was hiding.

He went to the kitchen and got me something to drink. He brought it back to my hiding place (damn, he found me). He opened the can and told me to drink it. I apparently tried to play slappy with him. Somehow he got me to drink the can OF SLIMFAST. Ok, we had apple and orange juice in the refrigerator, but a chocolaty weight management drink was his choice. He SAYS I wouldn't drink it because I thought he was trying to poison me, but I think that even in my delirious state I was offended at his beverage offer.

I gagged it down with pushy assistance and he got me out of the closet and back into bed. At some point I actually joined this story. I remember talking to him and then not really knowing why I was in bed. By this time I was lucid enough to test and I was still only in the 60s. I asked him to get me something to eat because I needed to get higher. He brought me cheese. *sigh*

I'm sorry but LOL! Ur husband gets yelled at too? My husband ask the dr last year "Why when she's low and I tell her to check her bs does she get so fussy and yell at me?" to which my dr looked at him and said "They do get stubborn when their low don't they? And the way she is when she comes in to see me at normal bs's I bet she's total hell when it's low>" Nuff said! LOL! They both know me too well! LOL!

I have to apologize as well because I actually laughed out loud while reading this, way too funny!! I thought I was the only one that refused drinks/food when I'm low lol.... Good thing your husband is a stubborn man :)

Poor patient hubbies! I'm so thankful always that I found a husband who is so patient with me and my diabetes. I too get snippy and offended when he tells me "do you need to check your blood sugar?"..he's usually right.

Patram you write really well...this story was so entertaining...humor only a diabetic could love! I hope you blog more often.

Thank you very much, and I promise in the future to proof read better :-) "nowhere to be found"

I love it, I'm the same way with my wife. Before when she would ask me to check my bs I would get mad and argue even more, now I just do it because I know shes right lol. Getting low bs is no joke because it is the time that we have no control over what we do or say until we get the bs up again and by that time it wipes out your whole day. Its happen to me a couple of times, most times I wake up at the kitchen table eating or drinking something and wondering how I got there.
Your story was great, keep writing I'll be sure to read..... :)

Loved your story. Thanks for the smiles. "... my feet sticking out from under the hanging clothes in my closet. Shhh. I was hiding." I howled at that!

Think I'll show it to my husband & perhaps he won't feel alone dealing with the out of it T1 wife. I'm a belligerent, stubborn hypo person. Denial of being low & resentful of his insistence to test. I'm just tired, is the excuse he says I use. Hey, sometimes it truly is tiredness. But, like Master bs' wife & smileandnod's husband, he usually is correct. Arrghh:)

Our husbands' really take abuse. I am a little different when I am really low. My husband says "Drink some juice" and I say I have to test first. Then I stare at my meter like it is something I have never seen before. Finally he gets me to drink juice, and when I am coming back and I test --BS is 28 or so. I am sure we all have stories like yours from many years of lows. So glad I have a hubby that cares, I am sure you are too.