The cure for the T1 CWD blues

I have of late been subject to some negative thought patterns. Bluntly: I've been depressed. It started when I had a discussion (on a Facebook group that seeks to encourage civil dialogue between liberals and conservatives) with a gentleman who opposes the Affordable Care Act. I had made the point that there are provisions in that act that are of great importance to people with pre-existing conditions, and he, not knowing I had a CWD, simply dismissed my point with a statement that made it clear that he thought any form of insurance legislation was an abomination to the gods of the free market and that people who couldn't afford it should probably just start eating better and exercising because they didn't really deserve it. My blood boiled, and I slammed out an answer to this jackass that was really more impassioned than he deserved. And then I fell into a funk (which, of course, was more power than he deserved to have over my thoughts and emotions, so shame on me for letting him "win" even briefly).

The gist of my funk was that, no matter how hard I work to manage Eric's condition, the deck is stacked against me and always will be. This line of thinking played out into a variety of impossibly melodramatic doomsday scenarios that I refuse to replay for the assembled. Let's just say, I was down deep in the muck.

But the point is, I found something that de-muckifies the most be-mucked mind.

I got a kitten.

He is a 7-week-old, blue-eyed, black-haired ball of adorableness named Anakin. My stepdaughter, who has been elevated (for at least the next ten minutes) to the status of Paragon of Teen Virtue, gave him to me for my birthday. I still can't believe her father allowed it, but I guess he realized I was be-funked, even though I didn't tell him. (Maybe he heard me weeping into my pillow?)

So anyway... here he is. ![|640x480](upload://yDpMhAZcaPhklrtIgBtvw3zRpKl.jpeg)

I am sorry to hear that you were/are down. I know exactly what you mean about people who are so callused on discussion boards re: the Affordable Care Act. But I try to think of something I heard in the most strangest of places...Candid Camera. When a prank was pulled on a guy and he remained calm through the entire ridiculousness of it all, they asked him after the reveal how he remained calm. He simply said, "I don't let it rent space in my head." So simple, but so true. Some of these individuals cannot see beyond their own interest. BTW that kitty cat would definitely cheer anyone up! Its eyes are incredibly beautiful!

Oh my gosh Elizabeth, he would cheer anyone up! Tooooo cute, enjoy him :)