The D food graveyard - what's in yours?

Fresh, crusty Italian white bread slathered with butter and home made blackcurrant jam and cream. Oh where's that box of tissues, I am nearly dribbling!

oh god, yeah! breakfast cereals and beer! the other day i was in the supermarket looking longingly at the chocolate cereals and a guy was there trying to decide which to buy. i was so routing for him to choose the all bran chocolate. when he chose something else, a voice (inside my head, tf) was screaming, no, not that one! no!! then for the hundredth time since last year i scanned the carb info for like every cereal in the aisle, searching in vain for something acceptable..god, cereal was so good!

and hush puppies!

wow, this thread is definitely somewhat of masochistic nature..;)
I personally miss fruit smoothies the most...And freshly squeezed fruit and banana....and milkshakes with fresh strawberries and bananas and yoghurt in them...I had one of those things almost every day,often replacing breakfast, especially in summer, and I remember thinking: "WOW. I cant BELIEVE I can have something so yummy which is actually healthy at the same time!!! It felt almost too good to be true...Like cheating or something...Turns out...How ironic, right?

holy hannah - there goes a great list of fine food I mostly have to avoid/control tightly.

Wow, how could I forget good grainy chewy bread (preferably hot) in my list! Shows my theory that talking about it may make inroads on that "out of sight out of mind" thing I have going so well!

My foods also fall into a few categories

1. Things I haven't been able to eat for a long time. Pizza is on this list. So are french fries and pretty much anything with tomato sauce on or in it. Go figure. Chex Mix. White potatoes. I'd say bananas but I hate them. Orange juice. Hot, toasted bagels with a thick layer of cream cheese from a certain store in my area.

2. Things I've been recently banned from. This is ALL grains. So I miss rice, brown and white, but I haven't eaten anything white rice in years because I knew I wasn't supposed to. I also miss bread in general, but especially whole wheat bread made into a silly eggs. Multigrain Cheerios (haven't eaten other cereals in a long time). Pasta--oh, the pasta!!! If I could have ONE thing I want it would be pasta. Pancakes. Eggo waffles. ALL baked goods, especially those with chocolate.

3. Things I should be able to eat but can't. Sweet potatoes. A very sweet white wine (actually, that SHOULD bother me and I'm only sorry I didn't notice it does until after I was nearly 200). Butternut squash soup.

I'm sure there's more, I just can't think about them anymore because they make me sad.

Funny thing, fruit and yogurt don't bother me.

Okay, I remembered two that really, really shouldn't be left out. Couscous and risotto.

Bet it would if you added in granola!

I'm sure it would! Granola is my worst enemy because even when I COULD have grains I could never find a granola I could eat because I'm also severely allergic to nuts.

I've actually found I can have small amounts of oats--maybe 20 carbs--without going over 140. Still, granola in my yogurt doesn't sound like a good idea.

Bingo - tomato sauce - thats one of those foods that causes a disruption/stall in digestion. There are certain groups of foods go in, digested, no stalls, glucose out and end.

There are other mixtures like tomato sauce in the mix with certain other items causes the intestine to extend digestion cycle and supposedly add different digestive juices due to food mix. This is documented out there!. What one sees on the cgms is an initial intermittent glucose ouput where the easy digestable stuff produce some glucose and then that output prematurely disappears. After an additional hour delay, the glucose output picks back up and peaks but delayed. The zone in the middle is an issue for liver as the intestine is still working hard and burning glucose but not making any. If the liver control is poor or faulty on signalling, this dance causes problems - lows and excessive high spiking.

The only thing that I really don't sit well with is alcohol. I might have a beer every once in a blue moon, but in general I simply don't drink. It's always at night and there's always some sleep-low problems and I always feel terrible the next day. I used to indulge plenty, but now I don't even miss it.

No food is dead to me because of diabetes. I just try to remember to balance my day and even when I don't succeed, I don't beat myself up over it.

Pasta can be tricky, but I'm not digging a grave for it! I just make sure to check a little extra after the risky foods and react accordingly.

There are foods I'm trying to metaphorically put 6 feet under the ground (for instance: artificial sweeteners and processed sugars), but not specifically because of diabetes.

Does a Celiac & Allergy Graveyard count? R.I.P. gluten, soy and corn. The D Graveyard located right next to it has rice in all it's forms. But hey, I'm going to keep my coffee, chocolate and ice cream!

Ball park pretzels!

Yes! And chocolate covered pretzels! Especially the Snyder's ones coated in Hershey's chocolate.

I think that's when things get really hard, Trudy, when you have other conditions that also limit food choices. For me it's acid reflux which eliminates tomatoes and tomato sauces, peppers and onions in significant amounts. (I do put small amounts in for flavor). I'm also a vegetarian (that's by choice of course) so that limits choices even more. Friends and family seem to only acknowledge one of my limits. My nephew recently announced family dinner plans and said "they have really good vegetarian pizza for you, Zoe."

Maybe you are right and we should list the indulgences we can have! I'm drinking my morning cappuccino as I type...yum; when the weather is stormy I make one in the afternoon and put brandy in. I also drink wine with dinner with no effect on my BG. I adore all nut butters except peanut butter; my current fave is actually not even a nut but coconut butter which is yum and doesn't affect my BG anymore than the others. My weekend brunch treat today is vegetarian eggs benedict made with asparagus when in season, hollandaise sauce, tomatoes and on 1/2 Double Fiber Muffin. Actually many things I eat I consider yums...I like my own cooking!

Best things I CAN have despite food allergies and blood sugar madness:

Scrambled eggs with cheese--high in cholesterol but oh, so good!


Apple crisp without the crisp on top. The Splenda website has an amazing one and I just cut out the crisp part and keep the 2 TBS of flour in there because that doesn't impact my BG.

Blood Orange flavored Chobani yogurt. Some of the other flavors are even better but I have a thing against pieces of fruit in my yogurt and I hate picking around them.

Zucchini sauteed with garlic and salt and garlic powder to taste at the end. I like to cook it until it's soft and almost all of the moisture cooks out, Yum!

Fresh squeezed orange juice. And oatmeal. Before I had the pump I had many, now that I have it, I can manage many foods that I couldn't before.But still can't manage fresh squeezed orange juice.

Reading this made me hungry; so I'll be back with my shovel in a minute to dig up some of these.

I tend not to stop myself from eating things I crave. If I was to do that then when I did eat it I would go way overboard.

The food in my graveyard keeps getting resurrected! And buried again quickly with "I knew better than to do that." In general, soups, especially bean and pasta soups, Can't stop at 1/4 cup which would be my limit.