The day is young

I see clearer this week, that when I get depressed it’s because I’m blaming diabetes on my fears of highs and lows, but I can challenge myself
To blame and change something I do have control over. I do not seek perfect, I just hope for each day. The day is here for me to eat less, take less insulin, and walk with less basal. The depression only comes when I don’t have resources toward change, improvement and life giving answers.
It is clear, but I’ll take it a day at a time. Acceptance is the first step, I did that long ago but it’s the body aging (just a bit), that is asking for renewal.
I can do that. Here’s to those who live for today.


Diabetes burnout is real. You are stronger than you think you are; you’ve made it this far.


Well done, we can only take one day at a time and try to do our best for each day.
Hugs, Maureen

Every night before I go to bed, my prayer is, “Thankful for another day of life.” Every day, step by step.