The Diabetes Epidemic (Deja Vu all over again)

This appalling increase in diabetes which has come to our attention in the last year or two continues. I understand from the reports which will be published in a forth-coming issue of Diabetes Abstracts that the number of diabetics is steadily growing in the U.S.A.

This quote, written by a world-leading diabetes expert, might inspire newspapers to publish more articles, Gary Taubes to write more books, and Oprah and other TV personalities to go on a crusade, about the epidemic of diabetes. But... when was the article written?




None of the above. It was written in 1950!!!!

Full paper at NIH website

Full paper at

One of the things I found reading that paper was:

"We must remember that diabetes is universal and the distribution approximately the same if one makes allowance for sex, overweight, age, and the percentage of the Jewish race."

Being full-blooded Jewish, that caught my eye -- given that the paper was written in 1950, before studies showed the high prevalence in non-white races, it still makes me wonder. Does anybody know anything about it?