The Diabetes Lost and Found

The Diabetes Lost and Found


Spontaneity with food
Freedom with my time
Some control of my body and my health
Too much weight (and hair)! (LOL- but I am starting to like my new thin muscular bod!)


Inner strength (never knew I was this strong - I am sure there is more to come - just great, eh?)
A great empathy for those who have been through hard times.
A limited tolerance for Bull S**t - I take no ones crap anymore, I got enough problems, thank you.
A greater understanding of my body.
A million new friends here on TuD.
And a place where I belong. :)

Feel free to add to the "Lost and Found"

I love this - it’s like a poem! You said it, sister.

Thanks Lori! I thought of another “Lost” yesterday - My sanity! LOL! :slight_smile: