The Diabetic Runner 2008 Challenge

I signed up for the Diabetic Runner Challenge last month, and have been meaning to list all my distances for a few weeks now! My current list is below. Participants who sign up for the challenge agree to run either 500 or 1000 miles in 2008, and track their progress on their website or blog. I signed up for the 500 challenge.

The Diabetic Runner Challenge is a FABULOUS way to bring awareness to World Diabetes Day, in my opinion. You can learn more about the Challenge here. Jamie, who is a fellow TuDiabetes member, an avid runner, and a super nice guy who maintains a blog about his management of T1 and running, created the challenge and lots of people with D and plenty of people without D have signed up. The overall purpose is to bring awareness to D, and stay in shape while you’re doing it! :slight_smile: I hope we get T-shirts after completing the challenge… I would love to show mine off at the gym! You can visit Jamie’s blog here.
So here goes… my latest mileage count:

Jan. 2: 3.35 miles
Jan. 5: 3.01 miles
Jan. 6: 2.97 miles
Jan. 9: 2.50 miles
Jan. 11: 3.15 miles
Jan. 13: 3.61 miles
Jan. 16: 2.50 miles
Jan. 17: 3.55 miles
Jan. 19: 1.51 miles
Jan. 20: 3.23 miles
Jan. 22: 2.10 miles
Jan. 24: 4.01 miles
Jan. 26: 2.35 miles
Jan. 27: 3.30 miles
Jan. 29: 2.02 miles
Jan. 30: 2.26 miles
Feb. 1: 2.78 miles
Feb. 3: 2.03 miles
Feb. 4: 2.66 miles
Feb. 6: 3.02 miles
Feb. 8: 3.01 miles
Feb. 9: 1.33 miles
Feb. 11: 2.61 miles
Feb. 13: 4.55 miles
Feb. 15: 3.22 miles
Feb. 17: 3.03 miles
TOTAL= 73.66

Whew, that was a lot of logging! I’m going to try to log my distances more regularly, like at the end of each month or something. So hopefully future posts won’t be this long!! I am trying to stay accountable to the Challenge, though, so that’s why I post the log.
I log all of my exercise, bg’s, and (if I remember) my boluses in SugarStats. So that’s how I’ve been keeping all my distances. I have been meaning to start using a website that Jamie recommended, so I might do that and just post the link so that I can avoid these long lists. :slight_smile:
I do almost all of my running on the treadmill. I train with an incline if I’m getting ready for a road race, but most of the time I don’t use an incline. I have always been a treadmill runner, mostly because I can keep my meter and glucose tabs nearby and stay in the same location, so I won’t get low while far from home on foot! On days when I’m dying to run outside, though, I convince my husband to come with me. :slight_smile: I would like to find a good running club so that I can get off the treadmill, but we’ll see… it’s on my long list of to-do’s.
On days when I don’t run, I either do about 30 minutes of weight training or a class at the gym. Occasionally I do the arc trainer (a machine like the elliptical, but it works both your arms and legs), the stairstepper, or another cardio machine. If it’s too late to go to the gym, then I’ll do a DVD at home. But by far, I always feel like I get the best workout after being on the treadmill. I think I like to exercise so much because it really helps me with stress relief, and it just makes me feel good in general. I have a pretty sedentary job where I’m behind a desk or in meetings on most days, so I’d probably go crazy without my gym membership.
If you’re interested at all in running, even if you don’t consider yourself “a runner,” I encourage you to sign up for the Challenge!! You will feel so good about yourself when you accomplish your miles. I’m far from a serious runner, but I’m already looking forward to meeting the 500 mile mark!
I have the day off today, so with my mileage list done, I am off to the gym!!

Awesome work Katie!!! You are so on track!!!

T-shirts are a great idea, I’ll have to look into them.