The Diabetic Silence!

The Diabetic Silence

You should do this, and more of you should do that. Advice, advice, and even more advice. Assumptions, and more assumption just from hearing the word “diabetes”. Do you have the bad kind? Huh? What? So people think there is a good kind of diabetes now? Indeed, there is no other disease I can think of, were people feel they’ve mapped our entire future, just by a single word – diabetes. Most people would never say to a cancer patient, “you’ve shoulda ate more vegetables, maybe you would not have gotten cancer!” The average person would automatically know that this would be extremely insensitive. Yet, it seems that some feel they have a “calling”, to police every movement a diabetic makes. Sometimes I wonder if I should have stayed in the diabetic closet :slight_smile: . But the truth of the matter is, If I’d kept my diabetes to myself (like many do), I’d never seize the opportunity to inform the misinformed.

We hear all the the so called “experts” spew their rhetoric, and one sided “statistics” on how much the government is paying in diabetes costs. However, they’ve never bothered to make a personal effort, to talk to those diabetics, who (even with insurance), have payed up to $500+ a month, out of pocket for their diabetes supplies, on a limited income! They never talk to the diabetics who spend thousands of dollars out of pocket to have the “wonder cure” gastric bypass surgeries, and did not work, or even worse suffered irreversible complications. Or the diabetic who spends more than half his or her paycheck to purchase every non-regulated vitamins on the planet from “good companies“, and never see significant results, or even worse, suffer side effects because they assumed if it’s “natural” its all good for you! Or the diabetic who wants to eat healthier, and discovers that he/she is getting penalized at the register by paying almost $6 for “organic” bread; or $7-10 for a gluten free box of cookies, only to discover they have just as much, or more calories than the actual “junk food”. How about the diabetic who barely can find healthy/vegan restaurants, because the business owners in my area can’t afford the rents? Or the diabetic who spends hundreds of dollars on a gym, or treadmill, only to find out that the kind of work schedule that is required to pay off all these things (in addition to medication; medical bills; “natural remedies”; children; school; rent; and all other responsibilities; and on a fixed income), leaves them too exhausted, no time to actually use them, and can’t afford to take a day off. Or talk to a diabetic like me, when my insurance premiums increased 3 years in a row, since Obama has taken office! Yay!! Has any of these so called experts connected with the REAL diabetics living in the REAL world? We are ALL spending a crap load of money for diabetes, and this is exactly how the pharmaceutical, & Raw food companies want it. Time to stop the blame game, on why I’m diabetic, Let’s look for some real solutions for a change, that doesn’t cost a diabetic’s quality of life (financially or otherwise).

One thing’s for sure, diabetes will challenge everything you ever thought was true about health. Diabetes will challenge the self. Diabetes can even challenge religious belief systems. It is the one disease that, at some point in your life, you will come to realize that, it doesn’t matter how much you try to pray it away, it is your actions that will keep you healthy; it is the desire to understand the basics of our bodies. Our Hemoglobin A1c is the true measure of how much we love ourselves. There is no prayer in the world that will shield those numbers from your doctor.

I’ve talked a little bit about my own challenges with haters (in relation to my diabetes). Those of you who understand, and has bared witness to what I am going through; I’m sure that beyond a doubt, this has forced many of you to reexamine, reevaluate, & seriously contemplate, what you thought true evil is. Is it the man just trying to live his own life, while doing something constructive & positive that can potentially uplift many communities? Or, are they groups of people that have chosen to use the power of their voices, to spread hatred on every corner and crevice, with no real cause to do so? Can you just imagine for one minute, the kinds of great things we can accomplish, if that same unjustifiable anger were re-channeled positively? It is not rocket science folks, there are way too many negative things happening in the world, and 80% of that negativity is coming from our own communities. Let us choose to vibrate positive energy, so that we can get back positive energy. Knowing who’s what, and who’s doin who, is not going to get you a bigger paycheck, or a better job for that matter. In the end, nobody cares.

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