The difference between summer and winter

I am coming into my 2nd winter as a diabetic type 2.

I have found that without changing anything...




that my daily blood sugar level has gone down on average about 15 pts.

During the hot summer months it was mainly between 100-120

Now although all not that cold as yet (between 5-20 degrees)

It has settles between 80-100.

Is this normal ?

Do I need different medication for summer and winter?

Should I look for somewhere cold to live all year round?

looking for some feedback...

Thanks Davo

I have found something similar. The past month my bgs have been fantastic. Others find the exact opposite because they are not as active in the winter.

I would recommend moving to SD if you want to live some place cold all year. My fingers and toes are simply blue and chattering from the cold weather change.

I haven’t noticed any major changes yet in my numbers, but will pay closer attention and get back to you!

Hot weather is supposed to effect the numbers in some meaning increase.

For me, it is having the opposite effect because i have more craving in the winter. This is will be my first winter as a diabetic and I want soup, soup, bread, bread, and warmy things like that. Stuff I can’t have any more. I am less likely to eat salads and stuff because I want warm things. I hate that.

Me and cold don’t like each other. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed the exact same thing!!