The different values between fingers and arms

I just buy a Genteel that can let me take sample from other parts not only from finger. But, when I try it, find the value on my arms stay on around 200, my finger’s shows about 165. Could you provide reason and how to read the vaules from other body parts, thanks.

I tried doing this for a little while a long time ago. If your blood sugar is changing rapidly, it is not recommended, because the values from your arm and fingers can be very different. One time I felt low, and tested from my arm. The results was 100; ok, that’s normal. But I still felt low, and remembered about the differences. I checked from my finger, and my result was 40. I felt it just wasn’t worth it. If you have a CGM, I suppose you can check to see if you are changing, but I feel for me it isn’t a good idea.

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That sounds like a normal difference in BG’s. Have you tried using your palm? It might give you more accurate results.

the first and the third sampling are on my arm by genteel , the values are 201 and 199. the second is on my finger by traditonal lencet method, the value is 165. all three samples happned dring 5 minutes. So the changes of my true blood sugar because of time changing should not be considered.

i want to find the relationship of the values from fingers and arms. A realtively stable difference value is importment.

That’s not true, the real “true” values can be different when blood sugar is changing. If your results are absolutely, 100% correct the arm and finger values can still be very different.

i try again. arm outside is 186, inside is 176, and the finger (twice in 2 minutes) is 141. I think a difference value is around 30~40. I will contiute to share my values.

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Something else to consider - your meter may not always be registering accurately. I generally now test 3 times before I decide what the value is because the first time my meter registers high. The second time - same finger, same blood - my glucose measures about 20 points lower. Third time - same finger, same blood- it is between the two. If it is between the two, I will use that amount or if the third measurement is close to one of the previous two I will use that amount. If any of the numbers agree with my CGM and my glucose level is stable, then that is the number I will go with. There is a degree of ‘inaccuracy’ allowed with each meter, and with that in mind, when I can’t get a number of readings to agree (and even the CGM is not agreeing, I have a separate meter - a Countour - that I use and generally that reading agrees with one of the ones from my Animas Ping meter. So, consider meter error as well. (Plus there is a delay of about 15 minutes between my fingers and my CGM which is on my arm if my glucose levels are changing).

some values I mentioned are repeated again at two minutes, the values are ablsolutely not totalIy same. I will contiute try to sample and share it.

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I do believe the difference. But which one is correct?

I guess the best way to determine which test to believe is when going for a blood test, before the tech draws the blood sample, do a blood test with your meter on finger and arm. This will settle the debate.

I remember doing this on the finger test only, and the result was very close to the blood test result. blood test 90 finger test 95. I used the one touch ping meter.

Here is a 2002 summary abstract on the issue of location testing. 2002 is very old, I am sure there are other better references.

Thats normal and to be expected. Blood is circulating around with different amounts of sugar in it. Also, BG machines have 20% variability from actual blood sugar, so that is essentially the same reading.