The docs never taught us!

soo okay parent with children that are type one, how do you figure out the dosage? I am on my own till the 8th on her dosages of Novalin N , humalog and lantis. She takes N and Humalog in the mornings and L and Humalog at night.

Well, I’m not sure how to best answer this question. Can the person who is primarily responsible for her medication tell you how much insulin she needs? This isn’t something you want to practice on a small child if you do not know how to care for a diabetic.

I feel oneless makes an excellent observation : one would not start practicing on your child without proper medical advise and supervision .Did anyone teach you how to deliver the insulin ?
If you are interested in some reading material : our Children’s Hospital , Vancouver , BC, Canada , Endocrinology department at may be a good place to familiarize yourself about diabetes. Lots of reading material ; maybe overwhelming ??

I am confused about the insulin combonations …Novalin N is an intermediate insulin , Lantus a long lasting one ???

Call the nurses at the hospital floor where you were staying. I was sent home from the hospital and also realized that I didn’t know how much insulin to give. The nurses have been calculating the insulin for a few days. So perhaps they can help. Even better is just to call her doctor.

i called them this morning they said they would show and teach me this thursday. It was kinda un expected for my husband to go back to work so early.

Monday to thursday is an awfully long time to go without insulin for her. Can you not call her doctor? The doctor had to give the order there in the hospital so he should know what he prescribed.

oh no shes getting insulin, i called hubby and then CHOC and then NHCP. NHCP is my appt tomorrow at 0600.

Dear Stretched2thin.

My docs said here is the stuff work it out for your self. I have live a full life and I dont really care when I load some insulin and shoot feels like putting a bullet in a revolver and playing russian roulette. With a child I could not do that. Try asking Sohair on this web site for advice she is a pediactric diabetician in Saudi Arabia. She may have a procedure of how you go about doing this for a child. The situation is may be even worst if you are blessed and a non-diabetic.